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This article is about the boss in The Abomination Cradle. For the boss in the Infinite Archive, see Taupezu Azzida (Infinite Archive).

Taupezu Azzida
Location The Abomination Cradle
Species Mantikora
Health 2,021,938 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Taupezu Azzida

Taupezu Azzida is a Dagonic Mantikora who can be found at The Abomination Cradle in the Deadlands. It acts as one of the two World Bosses in the zone.

It has a chance to drop the Petrified Daedroth Horn antiquity lead for the Spaulder of Ruin.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Repeatable A Paralyzing Lesson: Kill the mantikora Taupezu Azzida and free prisoners at the Abomination Cradle.
  • Repeatable Careless Contamination: Kill the mantikora Taupezu Azzida and collect samples at The Abomination Cradle.
  • Repeatable Retrieval Gone Awry: Kill the mantikora Taupezu Azzida and destroy liminal rods at the Abomination Cradle.

Skills & Abilities[edit]

Impending Bolt
Summon Storm Conduit
Storm Conduit is summoned
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