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Collaborate on another wine-related "business venture".
Zone: Stonefalls
Quest Giver: Naril Heleran
Location(s): Ebonheart
Prerequisite Quest: Exquisite Tears
Reward: Hlaalu Trader's Belt
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Naril Heleran turned up again in Ebonheart looking to collaborate on another "business venture." He wants me to procure a bottle of White-Gold Tower from an innkeeper.
A shady character named Naril Heleran contacted me in Ebonheart. He said we could both profit if I could "procure" a rare and expensive bottle of White-Gold Tower for him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Naril Heleran.
  2. Go to The Ebony Flask.
  3. Speak with the tavern prostitutes to learn more about the innkeeper, Fedrasa Andrethi.
  4. Pick a method to distract her with.
  5. Steal the bottle while she is distracted.
  6. Return to Naril Heleran.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Meet with Naril Heleran in the middle of Ebonheart, who will tell about yet another profitable business deal he has in mind. Owner of the local tavern, innkeeper Fedrasa Andrethi, has a bottle of White-Gold Tower proudly sitting on the counter and won't sell it. He asks you to speak to the "nightflower servants" over at The Ebony Flask.

Amil the Deft can be found leaning against the balcony, and will tell you that Fedrasa Andrethi's experiences in the war has made her very jumpy. A nearby alchemist happens to make rather loud bangs in their work, which make Fedrasa Andrethi jump. Next talk to Bameli the Pure to learn that her employer loathes lizards, something she might have picked up in the war.

Now you have to decide which of the two weaknesses to exploit: a soldier's shell-shock or reptilian repulsiveness.

  • If you choose the alchemist route, Flash Powder can be found in the Redoran House to the south of the inn. Take it to the inn and use Flash Powder on the fireplace. Fedrasa Andrethi will run out, momentarily believing herself to be back on the frontlines, yelling at soldiers that aren't there.
  • If you choose to the lizards, many passive lizards can be found to the north of the inn, east of Zasha-Ja's House. Pick one up and take it to the inn. Throw it on the floor and Fedras Andrethi will not be a happy bunny. She will summon a Spectral Cat that proceeds to chase the poor lizard around the inn.

Once you've used the distraction to steal the bottle of White-Gold Tower, return to Naril Heleran who will be very satisfied with your work.

Quest Stages[edit]

Taking the Tower
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
If I'm to procure a bottle of White-Gold Tower, I'll need to swap the real bottle with the fake bottle Heleran gave me.
Objective: Steal the Bottle of White-Gold Tower
Objective Hint: Amil the Deft Knows about the Innkeeper
Hidden Objective: Fedrasa Hates Loud Noises
Objective Hint: The Innkeeper Hates Loud Noises
Objective Hint: Use Flash Powder
Objective Hint: Bameli the Pure Knows about the Innkeeper
Hidden Objective: Fedrasa Hates Lizards
Objective Hint: The Innkeeper Hates Lizards
☑Finishes quest
Objective: Bring the White-Gold Tower to Naril Heleran