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ON-qico-Instance.png Travel to Sunspire to meet Alkosh—Dragon God of Cats.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Natrada
Location(s): Rimmen, Sunspire
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 6354
You've been invited to meet a god...
A preacher from Sunspire invited me to travel to the temple to see the god Alkosh incarnate.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to Sunspire.
  2. Speak with Priestess Shalani in Sunspire.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The zealous preacher

During your stay in Rimmen, you may come across a Khajiit woman in the streets. Her name is Natrada, and she's preaching about the Divines, claiming that a god now walks among the mortals of Sunspire Temple.

"Aha! More faithful heed the call! You wish to go to Sunspire Temple and pray before Divine Alkosh yourself? Natrada will take you."
Hold on. What's going on at Sunspire Temple?
"A wondrous thing! A true miracle! The Dragon King of Cats, Alkosh incarnate, has descended on the temple to lead his stray kin back to the righteous path! Will you heed his call?"
There's a Dragon at your temple?
"No, walker, a god! The first of the Divine Litter. Alkosh! Maybe you know him by his other names? Akatosh, Dragon God of Time? Auri-El? All aspects of the First Cat.
Have faith, when we reach Sunspire you will see I speak the truth!"

Speaking with her will reveal that Alkosh has returned to his sacred grounds, and that a priestess named Shalani has asked Natrada to spread the news of Alkosh's return across Elsweyr, so that his worshipers may flock to the temple. She then invites you to join the faithful, and reminds you to bring your friends. The more, the merrier. You can travel on foot or take Natrada's cart. Know that none of the dialogue options will close the conversation and force you into a new location, so do whatever you need to do and be on your way.

"May Alkosh grace you with long life and a clear path."

When you're ready to travel, simply interact with the Cart to Sunspire. You will arrive at the base of the stairs outside the temple. Enter Sunspire and speak with Priestess Shalani.

"More fresh faces on their pilgrimage to the Divine. Who among our preachers graced you with the good word?"
Natrada told me I could see Alkosh here.
"Ah, Natrada has a gift for spotting those with faith in their hearts. Let me be the first to welcome you to Sunspire, seat of Alkosh the Dragon King of Cats! You must be eager to see him for yourself."
"Then present yourself to our bishop, Azin-jo. With his blessing, you may proceed into the temple grounds and have your audience with the Divine."

With this, she gives you a bit of gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

Sunspire Summons
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Natrada told me I could ride her cart to Sunspire. It's waiting in Rimmen.
Objective Hint: Take the Cart to Sunspire
☑Finishes quest Natrada said she'd take me to Priestess Shalani at Sunspire, but suggested we assemble a large group before departing.
Objective: Talk to Priestess Shalani