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Home Settlement Darkwater Crossing
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Stormy-Eyes is an Argonian who can be found in Darkwater Crossing. Also known as the Dreamwalker, he is a healer that uses the Dreamstride to cure people of their ailments.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Our Poor Town[edit]

When you enter their cave, Stormy-Eyes will be tending to Sister-of-Wind, who is deeply injured. Blue-Bird appeals to him for aid.

Stormy-Eyes: "Pain makes victim [sic] delirious. She falls in and out of consciousness. The troll bite is enflamed and it begins to ooze."
Blue-Bird: "Please, Stormy. There must be something you can do."

When you approach him:

"Time grows short, what to do? What to do?"

He will not mind your assistance in helping finding the ingredients needed to treat his patient:

"Too much to do and too little time."
Is there anything I can do to help?
"A stranger offers aid? You dare to put your own life in danger for the benefit of others?
That sounds too good to be true."
I just want to help.
"Well, I would be foolish to turn down help, wherever it comes from.
I need certain materials to perform the ritual. Can you gather them for me?"
What do you need?

You can ask him further questions:

"I need you to catch torchbugs. I need five pairs of wings. No more, no less.
I also need the satchel from my home—the intact building, the one with the sturdy lock. The key should be in an urn near the house. I tossed it in there when I ran by."
Will this help you heal her?
"It will help me find my way through her dreams. I enter the Dreamstride and cure people from within.
I've always had this gift. I try to use it for good, but … things don't always work out the way you hope. I try not to think about those times."

If Lifeline is active:

I need your help.
"Can't you see I'm busy? Many people to care for, including one who slowly slips away.
I don't have time to deal with strangers until my own people are safe and secure."

Spare Asmalah[edit]

If you didn't kill Asmalah, you'll return to him with the ingredients. The ritual will be a success:

"Did you bring the items I requested?"
Here. I also ran into a Redguard wizard.
"No time to talk about that now. I know exactly who you met. But please, I must try to save this one's life first.
The present now. Then we can discuss the past."

He then performs the Dreamstride on Sister-of-Wind, and she survives.

He will forgive Asmalah for his actions and will remain with the survivors until the trolls wander off. He will offer his assistance in the future:

"Sister-of-Wind will recover. Breathing normal, body healing. Her dreams were tainted by the injuries.
Always happy when I help another. Always remember the ones I couldn't save."
Like the Redguard's wife.
"One of many.
Beautiful woman. Dark hair. Pretty eyes. Like the sea. Asmalah came to me and begged for my help. I knew her chances weren't good, but I decided to try to save her anyway."
Asmalah lured the trolls here.
"Luckily none of my people were lost. But poor Asmalah. He acted out of grief. Out of love for the woman he lost.
I forgive him."
What will your people do now?
"They are safe. Trolls still roam the area, but they will get bored and wander off when the food runs out. Hopefully, they won't look in this cave.
We are in your debt. My skills are yours, should you ever need them."

Kill Asmalah[edit]

If you killed Asmalah, you'll only be able to bring Stormy the five torchbug wings. He will make do what he has to try to save Sister:

"Did you bring the items I requested?"
A Redguard wizard who attacked the village stole and hid them. He's dead now.
"That poor man. I once knew a Redguard. Good man. Had a loving wife. Very sad time, but that's another discussion.
Is bad that we have no reagents. Will make the ritual more dangerous. Less likely to succeed."
What do we do?
"Must try anyways. Do not have much time left. Still have chance of saving, even now, just much more dangerous.
Many thanks to you for trying. Will remember that, whatever happens."

He then attempts the ritual. When he returns, he apologizes to her corpse.

Stormy-Eyes: "I am so sorry, my sister. I failed you."

Checking up with Stormy Eyes, he will explain the ritual failed due to the lack of reagents to protect him from the dangers in the Dreamstride. He only feels sorry for Asmalah for feeling resentment for the loss of his wife. Nevertheless, the healer wants to make sure the clan is safe before moving on to find a new purpose:

"It didn't work. I wasn't able to shield myself from the nightmares.
She is … she is gone. I couldn't save her."
Are you all right?
"I'll recover. Sometimes the magic goes wrong and bad things happen.
I'd risk all of this and more if I had another chance to save her. But no, it was not to be."
What happened?
"Without my reagents, I couldn't protect myself from the horrors that roam the Dreamstride.
But I don't blame you. At least you tried to help when no one else cared. That means very much to me."
Is that what happened to Asmalah's wife?
"Not exactly. Sometimes even when everything goes right, something goes wrong. You can't save everyone, no matter how hard you try.
The Redguard hates me for what happened to his wife. I guess he got his revenge. He took one of our own this day."
How can you be so calm about all this?
"Will hate bring back Sister-of-Wind? Did it bring back Asmalah's wife?
He did what anyone would do. He sought revenge against the one he thought was responsible. He did what he thought was right."
What will you do now?
"I'll tell Blue-Bird about her egg-sister. Then I'll let the clan grieve for its loss.
Once I know the clan is safe, I will move on. Find a new purpose. That's the way of the Dreamwalker."
I wish you luck.
"We'll stay here for a while, at least until the trolls are gone.
Many thanks for your help. If you ever have the need for a Dreamwalker, you only need to ask. It would be my honor to help one who helped us."

If you exit the conversation before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"If you ever need assistance, you need only to ask.
I owe you the largest of favors. As do my people."
I wish you luck. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)


Regardless of the outcome of the ritual, he will be able to offer his assistance in finding a way to help save King Jorunn:

"If you ever need assistance, you need only to ask.
I owe you the largest of favors. As do my people."
I need your help.
"Of course. A favor was promised, and a favor you shall receive.
What do you ask of me?"
King Jorunn has been poisoned. I need your help.
"Poison? Poison is more dangerous than physical wounds. Some of these vile substances cause dreams to collapse.
No matter. A promise is a promise. Where is the King?"
With the Ternion monks.
"The Ternion monks! I have heard many things about them! Many interesting abilities are attributed to these monks.
Now I'm eager to visit the Ternions. I'll meet you there."

Speaking to him again:

"I will seek out these monks once I make sure everything here is all right.
I will see you soon."

Eternal Slumber[edit]

He will be inside the cave of the Ternion monks and will marvel at how they travel to their temple:

"This structure is fascinating! How do the Ternion monks travel to and from the temple area?
Large birds? Maybe they climb like Bosmers? Or maybe they transform into insects and ride the winds up and down? I'd love to see that!"
How are you doing?

If you saved Sister-of-Wind:

"I'm holding up well. Glad I saved my friend back in Darkwater. It took a lot out of me, but not enough to stop me.
Never thought I'd get to save royalty. I'm nervous and excited. Like the first time I ate kanoba spike fruit from home."

After watching Jadvar open the portal to Mistwatch, you can speak to him again:

"Yes! So that's how they do it. A portal. How elegant!
I was hoping they turned into bugs, though. That would have been much more spectacular."

When it's time for the ritual, High Priest Esling calls him forward and the Argonian will enter into the Dreamstride:

High Priest Esling: "Come, Dreamwalker. King Jorunn is ready. It is time for you to get involved."
Stormy-Eyes: "Not to worry. I've done this many times, many times. Never entered a king's dreams, though. Or battled Daedric magic. Hmm. But I'm sure everything will be just fine."
Stormy-Eyes: "Be sure to hold the King down. If he begins to thrash around, hit him with a rock. Kidding, kidding!"

His projection will appear behind the altars of the bear, wolf and fox. His words will serve as hints for the next portion of the quest, when you need to activate the totems to the old gods.

At the altar to the bear:

Stormy-Eyes: "Very sad. The King's soldiers. They fell in battle but are raised in a dream. Rage fills them. And they are strong. Wish I had the strength to fight them. This is going to be a challenge to say the least."

At the wolf:

Stormy-Eyes: "What is this madness? Visions of warriors lost. A woman. Beckoning to me. Strange. Beautiful. But something is wrong here. I need to be very careful. Wish there was a way to figure out the truth."

And the fox:

Stormy-Eyes: "Very cold. Must be as quick as possible. Find the fires. Their warmth will keep you alive. Walls … coming down. Stay near the light. Must remember, stay near the light."

After you prayed at all three totems at Mistwatch, you will witness Jorunn's dream seep into Tamriel. One part of the dream shows a vision of Fildgor ready to face off against his brother with a wounded Stormy-Eyes by the side.

Gods Save the King[edit]

When you enter the final vision of King Jorunn, you will encounter the dreamwalker wounded by the snowbanks. He will mention the king had run off after a woman and hostile spirits started to appear:

"Are you real or just part of this dream? Ouch! I hurt all over. Feels like my body is being crushed. And not in a fun way.
Why have you followed me? This experience, I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy."
You're alive! What happened?
"Of course I'm alive. The magic that allowed you to enter the Dreamstride would have disappeared if I died. Frightening thought, though. To die in another's dream.
I'll consider this while you find the King."
Where is King Jorunn?
"He followed a pretty young woman. She looked familiar, but I couldn't place her.
She ran up the steps and the King was right behind her. But something strange happened. Specters appeared. Very vicious."
I'll find him and get us out here.
"Be careful. These spirits are more violent and powerful than the others in the dream. Drawn from the King's strongest memories.
If you fail, we all die horrible, horrible deaths. Probably very painful. Please try to avoid that."

Speaking to him again:

"King Jorunn is up ahead. Hurry! He needs your help."

After speaking to a much resolute king Jorunn and when you exit the third phase of his dream, you will see the dreamwalker is fully awake back in Mistwatch.

Of Councils and Kings[edit]

If you have not started the quest, he will say:

"Hello friend!"

He will be happy to be alive from the Dreamstride and mentions that the king went to hold a council meeting at Jorunn's Stand near Skuldafn:

"We're still alive! I never would have guessed that would be the result of all this.
Now I need some rest. To study the Ternion monks and the Three Old Gods. Fascinating stuff. And, truth to tell, I don't want to go into any more dreams for awhile."
Have you recovered from the Dreamstride?
"More or less. Thanks to my training and experience. I was taught to learn, to understand. To survive.
The Skald-King has discovered these things, as well. A rare leader, Jorunn. He's a ruler who listens."
Where did King Jorunn go?
"To rest and hold council with his advisors, no doubt. Thanes. Ebonheart Pact leaders. Other nobles, I'm sure.
There's a large camp to the northeast. The soldiers call it Jorunn's Stand. Not far from the place called Skuldafn."
I'll go to Jorunn's Stand.

Speaking to him again:

"Good luck on many travels, my friend. Am sure we will meet once again.
I will spend some time with these monks. Their culture is very fascinating. One wonders what one must do to become one?"