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ON-icon-furnishing-St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star.png
St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star
Category Courtyard (Statues)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Traditional Furnishings
Bind Bind on Pickup
Behold the Champion of Azura, the Hero of Red Mountain, the Herald of the Triune Way, Saint Nerevar Moon-and-Star in all his glory from the comfort of your own home.
St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star

Available From[edit]

  • After completing this entry in the Antiquity Codex, this furnishing may be purchased from Drops-No-Glass in Vivec City for 0002500025,000 Gold.
  • Codex Entries required: 3


This antiquity furnishing can be obtained via the Antiquities system. First, you must obtain the following Antiquity lead:

Icon Lead Location Source(s) Difficulty Codex
ON-icon-furnishing-St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star.png Lead: St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star Vvardenfell Master Verita Numida Ugron gro-Thumog Amalien
A bust of Saint Nerevar. A worthy discovery, to be sure. You don't often find such realistic depictions of Dunmer religious figures. The sculptor may have spent some time in the Imperial City. I see similarities to Bruma School works. 1E 2800's perhaps? The shapes featured in his panoply definitely match some of the pieces in the Gwylim First Council collection. Bit more conservative than I'd expect, though. I always had the sense that Chimer armor favored form over function. More exposed skin, etc. Speaking of skin, I wish this bust included color! Dark Elf portraiture leans toward monochromatic, abstract compositions. I'm desperate to know if they conceptualize Nerevar with gold or ashen skin. I bet it's gray. Dark Elves are master revisionists.

Release Notes

Update 26 (Greymoor - June 2020)

  • Released


No player houses come with this furnishing.