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Spirit of the Ancient Dead
Location Weeping Giant
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Spirit of the Ancient Dead

The Spirit of the Ancient Dead is a nameless spirit which can be found in Weeping Giant. A long time ago its' remains were stored in a conjuration box along with many others. When the box was used by the Supernal Dreamers to summon daedra, it was compelled to fix this wrong.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Azura's Relics: Help recover stolen relics from Daedric worshippers.


Once the second conjuration box has been locked during Azura's Relics the spirit will manifest and speak to the player.

Spirit of the Ancient Dead:"Nature has been violated. It must be undone."

When spoken to, the spirit will ask for help:

"The world of the living has transgressed. The energy of these relics was used for darkness.
The portal is closed, but something came through. It must be destroyed."
What came through?/What was summoned?
"A cursed creature from another realm. A Daedra. It must be slain.
An enchantment hides its foul form, but this scroll of sight will reveal it. Follow the sound of falling water and use the scroll to find it."
Who are you?
"My remains were poured into a box centuries ago along with countless others.
The box was used against its purpose. My spirit was brought here to see this wrong put right. What was summoned must be destroyed."

Once it has spoken its' piece:

"Go now. Destroy the aberration. It must be done."