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This article is about the mount. For the creature, see Spectral Indrik (creature).

Rare indriks don't die but instead live on as haunting apparitions. Though they walk between two worlds, these ghostly steeds serve their chosen companions well as mounts. Some Summerset High Elves claim this is a true sign of a rider's worthiness.
Spectral Indrik
ON-icon-mount-Spectral Indrik.png
Spectral Indrik
Type Cervine
Default Name Elegy
Acquired From Evolving a Nascent Indrik with Fragments obtained during Events
Category Mounts (Cervines)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectible

The Spectral Indrik was obtainable by combining four different Spectral Berries with a Nascent Indrik mount. Its default name is "Elegy".


"One of four Legendary Spectral Berries. Acquired from the Impresario for a limited time."

The last time all four Spectral berries were available was during the New Life Festival 2020 event.