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Sorcerer Nilae
Location Brothers of Strife
Race Chimer Gender Female
Health 2306outdated
Reaction Friendly
Sorcerer Nilae
Sorcerer Nilae with black eyes

Sorcerer Nilae is a Chimer mage seen in a flashback at the Brothers of Strife.

Related Quests[edit]


Window on the Past[edit]

"Halt, soldier! The Nedes are amassing just beyond the ridgeline. I need to speak to General Balreth. Have you seen him?"
The, er, general sent me to report to you. What do you need?
"You're just in time. Our people are being slaughtered. General Balreth needs to prepare at the altar. We've got some dirty business ahead.
It's time to teach these savages what it means to cross the Chimer."

You will then complete the quest, and her dialogue continues on into the next quest.

The Brothers Will Rise[edit]

"Blood for blood, their violence shall be repaid.
Soldier, are you ready to begin?"
What needs to be done?
"Kill the Nede troops. Make the river run red with their blood. Take their hearts as trophies. Once you've decimated the front line, the Nede chieftain must pay.
We, the Chimer, have paid enough. Now it is the enemy's turn."
I need to kill one of their leaders?
"Just so. The Nedes' warchief is named Ornskar. Kill her and cut out her heart. When you have these sacrifices in hand, head to the ritual altar in the center of the temple.
We'll be waiting."
I'll do as you say, Sorcerer
"This is justice, that the blood of fallen Nedes will open the way for their defeat.
Go, soldier! Kill the troops and slay Ornskar. Then report at the ritual altar."
Tell me, why did the army come here?
"Our retreat here was no accident, soldier. Only at this place of Daedric power can we complete the ritual of calling.
We'll wrench the Daedra from their dark plane, split them open, and use their power and Nede blood to save our people."

At the ritual altar, before speaking to Turoni:

"Sorcerer Turoni has begun preparing for the ritual. The blood on your hands will be put to good use."

After returning with the essence:

"Blood for blood, their violence shall be repayed [sic]
Soldier, are you ready to begin?"

Before speaking to Balreth:

"Well done, soldier. Soon we will slay these Nede guar."

Before praying at the brazier:

"It is time. Pray at the brazier. And then stand back."


  • Initially, Nilae had black eyes, and at some point the Chimer were updated to have gold eyes and the Nedes were given different armor.