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Find out why the sky has turned a nightmarish purple.
Zone: The Rift
Objective: Skald's Retreat — Free the slumbering skalds.
Quest Giver: Engling
Location(s): Skald's Retreat
Concurrent Quest: Guard the Knowledge
Reward: Gloves of the Lutepicker
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 3131 XP
Maraamur performing the Song of Sinmur
The sky over the bardic college of Skald's Retreat is something out of nightmares, and monsters stalk its paths.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Sage Odana.
  2. Learn the lyrics and tune to the Song of Sinmur.
  3. Talk to Sage Odana at the manor house.
  4. Teach Maraamur the Song of Sinmur.
  5. Collect Engling's lute and take it to Maraamur.
  6. Talk to Engling.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Correct order to play the lutes (from left to right): 1, 3, 2

Quest Stages[edit]

Song of Awakening
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
An ethereal Engling asks you to seek out Sage Odana who might be able to set things right.
Objective: Speak with Sage Odama
An ethereal Sage Odama instructs you to speak to the bards to learn the three lyrics and tume to The Song Of Sinmur.
Objective: Learn the song of Sinmur
Find Alldin in hiding behind a rock south of Scald Manor, West of Library, to learn first lyric, "Gather 'round all who'd hear.".
Find Knudikur in library to learn the second lyric, "The story I have to tell.".
Find Raevild Snowraven at end of dock, east of Scald Manor to learn third lyric, "About Ysgramor, greatest of us all."
Find Hjelda outside Scald Manor to south-east to learn the tune, "About Ysgramor, greatest of us all."
Objective: Speak with Sage Odama
Speak with Sage Odana at the retreat's manorhouse.
Objective: Convince Maraamur to help
Speak with Maraamur.
Objective: Play the tune for the song of Sinmur
Play lutes in correct order to teach Maraamur the tune
Objective: Talk to Maraamur
Speak with Maraamur.
Objective: Collect Engling's Lute
Collect Engling's lute from North Island.
Objective: Deliver Engling's lute to Maraarmur
Maraamur performs The Song Of Sinmur.
Objective: Defend Maraamur
Bards are waking up.
Objective: Follow Engling
☑Finishes quest Talk to Engling
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