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Home City Ebonheart
Store The Ebony Flask
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Chef

Slatild is a Nord chef working at The Ebony Flask, the inn located in Ebonheart.


  • "Bah! I'm so sick of mushrooms! I'd sunder Darvynil's head in front of his own mother for a slice of my Aunt Hilde's horker pie."
  • "Hungry? I'll put on the pot. You can't crack skulls on an empty stomach."
  • "I try to ignore what goes on downstairs. I've seen things that would make Ysgramor blush."
  • "Hungry, eh? I know the feeling. Mushrooms nd bugs may be enough for these Dark Elves, but a Nord needs meat!"
  • "I'm sure your time here will be ... er, pleasant. Just keep your coin purse close."