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Sister of Pools
Location Vunalk
Species Nereid
Reaction Friendly

Sister of Pools is a non-hostile Nereid who can be found in Vunalk.

Related Quests[edit]

When you approach a fountain, she appears:

Sister of Pools: "You dare return, little pig? To firghten more of my beloved frogs? Very well. What happens next is on your head!"

When you bathe Deet-Loh, she will appear and turn him into a chicken:

Hokatsei: "Oh, great water spirit. See how my brother grovels. Can you remove his porkish nature now, please?"
<Sister of Pools appears.>
Sister of Pools: "You call this humble? If a pig doesn't suit him, how about a fowl?"
<The nereid's hands glow and Deet-loh is turned into a chicken. She then disappears.>

When you reach the second pool and bathe Deet-Loh, she will appear again and turn him into a Bantam Guar:

Hokatsei: "Oh powerful nereid, hear our sorrow. Make Deet-Loh no longer a chicken, please?"
<Sister of Pools appears.>
Sister of Pools: "Is that a look of remorse? I think not! But if a chicken isn't to your liking, how about a tiny lizard?"
<The nereid's hands glow and Deet-Loh is turned into a Bantam Guar. She then disappears.>

After bathing Deet-Loh for the third time, the nereid will still refuse to lift the curse and instead turn him into a Dragon frog:

Hokatsei: "Come on, water lady. We're sorry already! Please change my brother back."
<Sister of Pools appears.>
Sister of Pools: "This frog-frightener muddies my pools and thinks that will earn my forgiveness? After he scared away my beloved croakers? Never!"
<Sister of Pools turns Deet-Loh into a Dragon Frog and disappears.>

She will finally be appeased with the return of the frogs and will turn the hapless Argonian back to his normal self:

Deet-Loh: "<Croak! Ribbet! Croak, croak!>"
<The small frogs begin appearing in the pool and hopping closer. The Sister of Pools will show up.>
Sister of Pools: "My beautiful frogs! They've come home!"
Sister of Pools: "Such beautiful music. What a lovely gift!"
Sister of Pools: "Sister of Pools forgives you, Deet-Loh! Be yourself once more! My frogs will sing your song for ages to come. Thank you!"
<In a puff of blue smokey light, Deet-Loh is turned back into an Argonian.>
Hokatsei: "Deet-Loh's himself again. Let's get out of here before the nereid changes her mind and turns him into a torchbug or something."
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