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Sister Tabakah
Location Weeping Giant, Wayrest
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spirit Wardens
Sister Tabakah

Sister Tabakah is a novice member of the Spirit Wardens found at the Weeping Giant. She is the sole survivor of the Supernal Dreamer attack on Azura's Shrine. She and Brother Perry are faced with the task of retrieving powerful artifacts of Azura, stolen by the cultists.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Azura's Relics: Help recover stolen relics from Daedric worshippers.


Weeping Giant[edit]

Sister Tabakah can be found outside the Weeping Giant ruins, praying to Azura for help. She seems to think her prayers are answered whne the player talks to her.

"Now that's incredible! Azura sent you, didn't she?
Here I am, down on my knees, begging Azura for help, and you walk upi. If that's not divine intervention, I don't what is.
You are going to help me, right?"
What do you need help with?
"What do I not need help with?
We had a shrine to Azura here, but the Supernal Dreamers came and killed everyone, defiled the shrine, and stole our relics. I just want to get the relics back and take them to Pariah Abbey."
What about the shrine?
"It needs to be cleansed, but I'm only a novice. I just want to return to the Abbey with the relics.
Oh, and there was another Spirit Warden here, trying to help me. I think he was captured. Could you look for him too?"
Please say you'll help."
Yes. I will help you.
"I managed to escape with some relics, so there are only a few left.
If you can recover them, and look for the Warden who was captured, you'll be answering my prayers."
Abbot Durak sent me to clease the shrine.
"He did? So he knows what happened here?
If all the Spirit Wardens in Pariah Abbey came, we could take the shrine back for good. Why haven't more Wardens come?"
There are other troubles to deal with."
"There are? As bad as what happened here?
I guess I shouldn't complain then. I should just be grateful that Azura sent you to help recover the rest of the artifacts."
[Persuade] Do you have any relics that could help me?
"Well...there is one. This gem. It summons a protective scamp.
We're not supposed to use it, but as long as you bring it back, I suppose it can be our secret."

After returning with the relics and defeating Vaermina's Daedric presence in the area.

"If it wasn't for you and Brother Perry, I wouldn't have had the foggiest idea of what to do. Thank Azura for you both.
"Brother Perry's going to escort me back to Pariah Abbey. He's so brave."

Once Azura's Relics is completed:

"You truly are a divine gift from Azura. Right when I asked for it, too. I'll never doubt the power of prayer again."


After defeating the Night Terror and saving King Emeric, Tabakah can be found with her fellow Wardens at Wayrest Castle.

"Oh! It's you. I can't believe it!
I was just praying for Azura to watch over the king, and you show up at that very moment? This can't be a coincidence."