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Sister Gohlla
Location Icereach—Icereach Ramparts
Race (?) Gender Female
Health Normal336797 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Icereach Coven
Sister Gohlla

Sister Gohlla is a member of the Icereach Coven's inner circle, headed by Mother Ciannait. She is the "mother" of the giant Kjarg the Tuskscraper and specializes in frost magic.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

She is first encountered in the Underkeep on the balcony above Kjarg and will encourage him to fight you.

Sister Gohlla: "More intruders? Marvelous. On your feet, my sweet boy. Smash them for mother, won't you?"

During the fight, she will support him by summoning Frost Atronachs.

Sister Gohlla: "Let's stir the pot a bit, hmm?"
Sister Gohlla: "Here, sweet boy. You need more playmates!"

She will also summon frozen winds that whirl around the room.

Sister Gohlla: "Come, fools. Feel winter's bite!"
Sister Gohlla: "Frosts of Oblivion, come forth!"
Sister Gohlla: "This should cool you off …."
Sister Gohlla: "Come, fools. Feel winter's bite!"

Idling before engaging combat:

Sister Gohlla: "Kjarg, be a good little boy and smash them to bits."
Sister Gohlla: "Between brute strength and the secrets of the arcane … you don't stand a chance."
Sister Gohlla: "You survive the storm only to die here? How tragic."
Sister Gohlla: "Don't slouch, Kjarg. Make mother proud!"

When you kill Kjarg, she will flee while promising vengeance.

Sister Gohlla: "You dare kill my pets? My sweet boy? You'll pay soon enough …."

Sister Gohlla is re-encountered in the courtyard on the ramparts. She will be with the other witches, performing the storm ritual and can be overheard as you approach.

Sister Hiti: "They killed Skelga! Right in front of me!"
Sister Gohlla: "Settle, Hiti. You'll disturb the ritual! It must be perfect. Isn't that right, mother?"
Mother Ciannait "It is, dear one. Our patron's terms were fair, Hiti. If we wish to reap the reward, we must deliver what he desires."

Once the final fight begins, Gohlla will teleport down with four of her surviving sisters. At Mother Ciannait's direction, she will drop her shield and attack you directly with frost magic. When Ciannait calls for more power to channel the Storm Surge, you can interrupt her along with her sisters.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Heavy Attack
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