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Sir Jarnot
Home City Evermore
Location Anchor's Point Inn
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Sir Jarnot

Sir Jarnot is a Breton drinking his sorrows away at the Anchor's Point Inn. He is the former captain of the Evermore City Guard but was removed from his duties when Princess Elara, Queen Arzhela's daughter, was apparently killed on his watch.

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Sir Jarnot can be questioned about his opinion on the current chances of Evermore surviving the Reachman attacks.

"Who are you? Can't you see I'm having a drink with my friend here...?
Might as well embrace the crows; they're here to stay. If anyone goes, it'll be us, not them."
You don't think the city can defend itself?
"With fifteen guards and a couple of quivers of arrows? Not a chance!
Everyone's dead. The king. The prince. The knights and soldiers. The job's almost done, just a few stragglers left. You know who I'm talking about? Me an you, that's who!"
Do you think the duke is doing a good job?
"Renchant? Sure! He's realistic, at least. He knows we can't last a day unless we get some help from the outside.
Of course, the new guard captain, Hjurrun, doesn't seem to want any help. The lout brushed off an offer from the Fighters Guild!"
He refused an offer to help defend the city?
"Sure enough! Hjurrun said he's exploring other options. Don't know what those options are. Don't hear much down here though.
Say, why don't you ask the crow? I swear the thing's talking. Probably knows more than we do. More than me, at least."
I'll leave you to your drink then.
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