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Sir Eustis Dubosc
Home City Evermore
Location St. Pelin's Chapel
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Soldier
Other Information
Faction(s) Knights of Saint Pelin
Sir Eustis Dubosc

Sir Eustis Dubosc is a Breton knight found in St. Pelin's Chapel in Evermore.


"Hail, friend. I apologize for the mess. The chapel is usually a bit more ... tidy."
Looks like you're the only knight here.
"Yes, the rest of my comrades stand atop the walls of Bangkorai Garrison. Only I and a few others are left to watch over the chapel."
Why are you here instead of with the rest of your order?
"Someone had to stay behind to mind the house. Windows need fixing, the roof leaks, the door won't stay closed. I keep busy.
Besides, warfare is a young knight's game. I'd just get in the way."
Well it looks like you picked the right time to stay home.
"Ha! Aye, I did, at that. This is really work for more nimble hands than mine—but I do what I can."