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Location East of Murkwater
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Shadowscales

Silent-Moss is an Argonian Shadowscale who can be found near Murkwater. You'll first find him crouched down behind a boulder as you approach the settlement just east of the road.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Dialogue[edit]

Scales of Retribution[edit]

"Keep your voice down. The Dominion has taken Murkwater. We can't afford to be caught."
What are they doing here?
"Murkwater is a simple fishing village, but the Ayleid once called it home. Ancient artifacts and dark secrets hide beneath the swamp."
"Agents went in to uncover the Dominion's purpose. Batar-Meej, Nuwisha, and Radithax. They haven't returned."
Do you think they've been captured?
"I'm certain of it. If you can find and rescue them, meet us at our rendezvous on the hillside overlooking Murkwater."
"We need to know what our Shadowscales learned. The Dominion must expect a powerful prize to send a force this large."
I'll do what I can.
"Step lightly. The Dominion fills the swamp like rotted weeds."
Where is the Dominion keeping your friends?
"I spotted Batar-Meej tied up over there. And I heard Nuwisha's voice coming from the cave nearby."
"As for Radithax, he must be deeper in the Dominion's camp."
What's your stake in this?
"We're Shadowscales, born under the sign of the Shadow and trained as assassins from birth. "
"We're called upon to sway the balance of power, or right wrongs, in and around Black Marsh."
Why are assassins fighting Dominion soldiers?
"We officially hold allegiance to no one. But we're Argonians, and if the Dominion steals treasures from our land to establish a seat of power, we must stop them."
"Though … we're somewhat out of our element here."