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The lumbering great Salamanders of southern Tamriel all defend themselves with bursts of elemental power, but the Shock Skin variety specializes in electrical discharges. Fortunately, they can be trained not to zap their masters!
Shock Skin Salamander
ON-icon-pet-Shock Skin Salamander.png
Shock Skin Salamander
Type Exotic
Default Name Zapnewt
Acquired From Purchased from the PlayStation Store
Price $9.99 (US)
Category Non-Combat Pets (Exotic)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectible

The Shock Skin Salamander is exclusively available as part of the Newcomer Pack for PlayStation, which can be purchased on the PlayStation Store. Its default name is "Zapnewt".


When you purchase the Newcomer Pack, you'll receive the Shock Skin Salamander in System Mail with an attached container: Newcomer: Shock Skin Salamander.

Physical Appearance[edit]