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Shaman Chirah
Home Settlement Stillrise Village
Race Kothringi Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Shaman Chirah

Shaman Chirah is a Kothringi mage in Stillrise Village. He and his supporters are rueful of his people's undeath, and are at odds with War Chief Helushk.

Shaman Chirah
Home Settlement Stillrise Village
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Shaman Chirah as a skeleton

When the illusion falls during The Bargain's End, he can be seen in his undead skeleton form.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Thin Ones[edit]

Before the quest, he will be in his hut:

"Greetings, stranger. Visitors to Stillrise Village are rare. Have you spoken to our chief? Her dwelling is at the center of town."

If you accepted the quest from any of the village scouts and before speaking to the chieftain:

"Our village is not a place for casual visitors.
You should speak to Chieftain Suhlak before you decide to stay."

After speaking to Chieftain Suhlak and before dealing with the Worm cultists in the cellars:

"Chieftain Suhlak thinks we can learn something from the Worm Cultists, but I know fanatics when I see them."

After you killed the cultists in the cellars and before reporting to Chieftain Suhlak:

"Death is not the worst of fates. Some would consider the necromancers fortunate."

After Suhlak reveals the village's secret and if you did not continue speaking to her:

"Visitors to Stillrise Village are rare.
Have you spoken to our chief? You should pay your respects."

After finishing speaking to Suhlak, he will give more information about the significance of the soul gem array and the requirments to safely retrieve it:

"You're the one who killed the Worm Cult's lapdogs. Chieftain Suhlak told you the Worm Cult stole the soul gem array, yes? Once they discover its secrets, they'll enslave our entire village."
Chieftain Suhlak said you had a plan.
"Yes, if it isn't too late already. When Clavicus Vile cursed us with this hollow existence, he placed our spirits in the soul gem array. It must be recovered."
I'll recover the soul gem array.
"Easier said than done. The energies protecting the relic kill living creatures who touch it.
But there's a way. Make an offering to Clavicus Vile and the soul gem array will think you one of us. Then you can recover it safely from the Worm Cult."
Where would I make an offering? What would I offer? / How can I safely recover the soul gem array?
"Take this totem. War Chief Helushk can let you inside the Daedric Prince's temple. Once inside, place the totem upon the blood fountain as an offering to Clavicus Vile."
I'll speak with War Chief Helushk.
"I fear there's little time before the Worm Cult discovers the secrets of the soul gem array. Be quick, before they add us to their ranks.
Yet another benefit of this damnable curse."
How did the Worm Cult steal the soul gem array without dying themselves?
"The cultists forced their undead thralls to carry it away. Such will be the future of Stillrise Village if you don't recover the soul gem array."

After agreeing to take the totem, you can then ask about the curse:

Tell me about the curse.
"Decades ago, the Knahaten flu swept through the land. The children were first. By Z'en, I can still see the bodies...
But Z'en couldn't save us. So at Chieftain Suhlak's behest, I prayed to Clavicus Vile. He bestowed this mockery of salvation upon us."
Without the curse, would your village have survived?
"You call this survival? To never again taste guar-flesh, nor feel a lover's touch? We are but shadows in the water.
Some feel the curse is a Daedra's cruel jest, yet I thank Clavicus Vile for a vital lesson. Immortality is the true curse, you see?"
Why can't you retrieve the artifact yourself? / Why don't you retrieve the artifact yourselves?
"With the soul gem array in the hands of the Worm Cult, they can influence us through our curse. They could force us to surrender, attack one another... any number of awful things.
But they don't possess your soul. They hold no power over you."

If you speak to him after receiving the Curse of Stillrise, he'll say:

"Have no fear. The offering was intended to pique the Daedric Prince's interest. It worked, perhaps better than expected.
The curse upon you is temporary in nature. Make sure you find the soul gem array before Clavicus Vile loses interest."

After recovering the soul gem array, he will be inside Suhlak's hut, he'll say:

"You recovered the soul gem array, yes? Then inform Chieftain Suhlak, so Stillrise Village can finally achieve its salvation."

After the quest:

"If we are to have any peace, we must destroy the soul gem array."

The Bargain's End[edit]

He will like the soul gem array to be destroy to be finally rid of the curse:

"The Worm Cult nearly unlocked the secrets of the soul gem array. If they could get their hands on it, so could anyone else.
This torment will never end, unless you're the one to end it."
What do you think I should do with the soul gem array?
"Destroy it, so Clavicus Vile's grip upon us ends. Our bones may collapse, but our spirits will finally be free."
How would I destroy the soul gem array?
"Clavicus Vile provided the means on the day he cursed us. Deep in the Daedric ruins burn two braziers: one of ice, the other of fire.
Placing the soul gem array into the Fires of Destruction will destroy it."

You can either agree with Chirah or tell him you consider Helushk's proposal:

I'll destroy it and free Stillrise Village from the curse.
<Ends the conversation>
I need to speak with War Chief Helushk before I decide.
<Ends the conversation>

Preserving the Soul Gem Array[edit]

If you tell War Chief Helushk that you will preserve the soul gem array, Chirah will yell and run out the hut towards the Odius Chapel:

Shaman Chirah: "You can't be so cruel. This is eternal torment!"
Shaman Chirah: "My acolytes won't allow you to curse us with life!"

During the battle inside the Odious Chapel, he'll say:

Shaman Chirah: "You can't condemn us to life!"
Shaman Chirah: "It's not too late! Destroy the soul gem array and free us from torment!"

After clearing out his supporters, he will be the final line of defense to the inner chamber. When combat intiated:

Shaman Chirah: "We won't let you condemn us!"

During combat:

Shaman Chirah: "I'll end our curse even it means your death!"
Shaman Chirah
Home Settlement Stillrise Village
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Hostile Class Frost Mage

After preserving the array and returning to the village, he'll have risen and can be found in his hut:

"You trapped us like this forever. Keep away from me."

After the quest, he will not be happy with you:

"You don't know what you've done, but how could you? Blood still pumps below the surface of your skin. You still feel hunger, desire, and the warmth of the sun.
Go. May your life be as long as mine."

Destroying the Soul Gem Array[edit]

If you speak to him after telling him that you will destroy the soul gem array:

"If we are to have any peace, we must destroy the soul gem array."

If the soul gem array is destroyed, he'll be in the center of the village with Chieftain Suhlak, where he'll say:

"It's over. It's finally over."

Upon completion of the quest:

Shaman Chirah: "Soon … I'll be with you soon, Valu …."


  • He is the author of Knahaten Flu Confirmed, a report written over 20 years prior to the present day.
  • His devotion shovel is one of the items on Kari's Hit List,Thieves Guild and can be found at the center of the ruins in Stormhold.
  • Even before he shows his true form as a skeleton, he still has his raspy voice when he holds his Kothringi form.