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Help Heem-Jas solve a mystery and save the lives of some Imperial soldiers.
Zone: Blackwood
Objective: Hutan-Tzel
Location(s): Hutan-Tzel, Xal Irasotl Xanmeer
Reward: Heem-Jas's Heroic Breeches
(?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6621
Solve the dispute in Hutan-Tzel
A tribe of Argonians is at odds with a group of Imperial soldiers. The Argonians say their people are missing, and they blame the Imperials. Heem-Jas asked me to act as a mediator to figure out what's going on.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with the Imperial prisoner, Brigadine Lieutenant Viria.
  2. Speak with Olik.
  3. Meet with Heem-Jas in the Northern Swamp and search for clues.
  4. Speak with Heem-Jas.
  5. Destroy the lure.
  6. Speak with Heem-Jas.
  7. Speak with Naheesh Nurwul.
  8. Enter the Xal Irasotl Xanmeer.
  9. Speak to Olik.
  10. Speak with Naheesh Nurwul.
  11. Disable the 3 lures.
  12. Speak with Naheesh Nurwul.
  13. Speak with Heem-Jas.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Something's wrong with the swamp critters
Search for the soldiers
Disable the ancient lures


Quest Stages[edit]

Shadows in the Swamp
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to investigate the feud between the Imperial soldiers and the Argonian tribe as a neutral party. I need to speak to the Imperial prisoner and find out what he knows.
Objective: Talk to the Imperial Prisoner
I spoke with the Imperial lieutenant. Now Olik wishes to speak to me.
Objective: Talk to Olik
Olik suggested I track down Heem-Jas in the northern swamps. I should meet up with Heem-Jas there and see what we can find.
Objective: Meet Heem-Jas in the Northern Swamps
Heem-Jas and I need to pick up the investigation where the Imperial lieutenant left off. Hopefully, we can find clues and determine what's actually going on here.
Objective: Search for Clues
Hidden Objective: Search for Leads
Hidden Objective: Power Down the Lure
We found a large spill of ritual dye. It looks as though someone ran through the spill. We should follow the footprints to see if they lead us to another clue.
Objective: Follow the Footprints
We reached a large totem. Heem-Jas seems worried about something. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Heem-Jas
Heem-Jas believes this totem is a lure and the magic of it caused creatures to emerge from the swamp. We need to destroy it.
Objective: Destroy the Lure
I tried to destroy the lure, but it didn't work. I should speak to Heem-Jas about what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Heem-Jas
Heem-Jas believes that we must speak with Naheesh Nurwul about how to destroy the lures. I need to return to the tribe and speak with her to see what she knows.
Objective: Return to the Tribe
I should speak with Naheesh Nurwul about what Heem-Jas and I discovered. She may know how to destroy the lures.
Objective: Talk to Naheesh Nurwul
Naheesh Nurwul says we need to enter the xanmeer, Xal Irasotl, in order to destroy the lures. To do so safely, we need the help of the Imperials. I need to speak to Brigadine Lieutenant Viria to see if he will agree to this.
Objective: Talk to Brigadine Lieutenant Viria
Naheesh Nurwul gave me a ward to open the door to Xal Irasotl. I should head there while Naheesh Nurwul and Brigadine Lieutenant Viria gather their people.
Objective: Go to the Argonian Ruins
Now that we have access to the xanmeer, we need to explore and find the source of the lures while we wait for Naheesh Nurwul and the Imperials.
Objective: Investigate Xal Irasotl
Heem-Jas and I found Olik attempting to destroy one of the totems. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Olik
Naheesh Nurwul arrived with Argonian warriors, as well as Imperial soldiers. I should speak with her about our next steps.
Objective: Talk to Naheesh Nurwul
Heem-Jas and I need to disable the lures from here while the Imperial soldiers disable them from above.
Objective: Disable the Lures
Heem-Jas and I disabled the lures underground inside the ruins. We need to get back to the others above ground to see if we were successful.
Objective: Return to the Village
I need to speak to Naheesh Nurwul to see if we were truly successful.
Objective: Talk to Naheesh Nurwul
I should speak with Heem-Jas about our success.
Objective: Talk to Heem-Jas
☑Finishes quest I should speak with Heem-Jas now that things are resolved.
Objective: Talk to Heem-Jas
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