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Seducer Knight
Location Maelstrom Arena
Race Dark Seducer Gender Varies
Health Normal26,873Veteran59,363
Reaction Hostile Class Knight
A male Seducer Knight
A female Knight

Seducer Knights are Dark Seducers encountered during Stage 1: Vale of the Surreal in Maelstrom Arena.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Fiery Breath
Deals flame damage in a conal space in front of the enemy.
Lava Whip
Dragonknight lava whip skill, deals flame damage.
Quick Strike
Deals low physical damage.


They will sometimes shout things as they fight.

"We will make this quick."
"Ah! Another skeleton for the tree!"
"I claim the mortal's body―afterward!"
"Embrace your death, mortal!"
"Come closer, sweet thing!"


  • They are one of the few Dark Seducer variants that can be male.