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Scroll Temple:
Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma
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Discoverable No
Skyshards 1
Daggerfall TerritoryCyrodiil
Northeast of Southern High Rock Gate
Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma

The Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma is the seat of the Elder Scroll of Alma Ruma, the defensive scroll for the Daggerfall Covenant. It is guarded by the Gate of Alma Ruma, which is under the protection of Fort Rayles. Protector Yseline can be found within, guarding the scroll along with a number of Covenant guards. Around the edges of the temple are a number of notes and books on the Elder Scrolls, including a plea for their return to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, An Accounting of the Elder Scrolls by an Imperial librarian, Effects of the Elder Scrolls by an Imperial scholar, and a treatise on the Order of the Ancestor Moth.

The Scroll Temple is located in on a plateau in the highlands, guarded by a range of hills and a high wall to the east. The temple grounds include a number of ruined Imperial buildings and fortifications, and a skyshard can be found within one of these just to the west of the temple. A ruined tower stands above a lake in the northern section of the grounds, and a small lumbermill can be found on the main road between the temple and the Southern High Rock Gate. Southwest of the lake lie the Covenant Siege Training Grounds, where new recruits learn to use the various different types of Siege Weapons.

Protected Protected Area: The temple grounds are usually a Covenant safe zone, but when the Artifact Gate is open, enemy troops may be found in the area.