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Location Coral Aerie — Crumbling Foyer
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health Normal(?)Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Ascendant Order

Sarydil is a High Elf member of the Ascendant Order. She is second in command for the group that can be found in the Coral Aerie.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you arrive at the Coral Aerie, Captain Kaleen will ask you to help her retrieve a Breton called Jakarn and the documents he was carrying when he was abducted. Within the Aldmeri Ruins you will find Jakarn being interrogated by Sarydil and Varallion.

Sarydil: "Again. Who hired you to deliver this?"
Jakarn: "You know, I can't recall. Must have been those knocks to the head."
Sarydil: "Perhaps a few more will jog your memory?"
Varallion: "The longer you stall, Jakarn, the more likely I take what I have and leave you chained up for the yaghra. Think on that."
<Sarydil and Varallion leave.>

After you have freed Jakarn you will need to find Sarydil and Varallion as the have taken the letter and medallion Jakarn was transporting. Sarydil will be waiting for you in the Crumbling Foyer.

Sarydil: "Well, well. Look what washed into our yahgra trap. You can surrender, or you can become bait. Choose."

Before you begin fighting her, she may shout out threats and taunts to you:

Sarydil: "You should have stayed out of Altmeri lands. You don't belong here."
Sarydil: "You might still escape, if you flee now. You aren't worth chasing."
Sarydil: "If you put up a fight, I'll make every effort to make sure you live long enough to dangle in front of those yahgra."
Sarydil: "I have been eager to fight an opponent that doesn't reek of brine, but it seems you've been soaking in cowardice instead."
Sarydil: "Did you come to correct that courier's mistake? You fools. He, at least, wasn't aware of the trap he walked into."

During the fight she has various lines for her different attacks:

Flame Attack
"Can you breathe fire yet?"
"Went up like the dung-heap you are!"
"Hope the yaghra like you crispy."
AoE Attack?
"Think you're safe back there?"
"Where you going now?"
"I have you now."
When the above attack lands
Attack which targets a player and as they move, purple fire aoe goes where they go
"You're just leaving more for your friends to step on."
"A little pitch for you, coward."
"Let's see how you dance!"
Sarydil calling for archer attack
"Archers! Let fly!"
Calling the Ascendant Order underlings to attack
"You're tougher than you look. Soldiers! Soften them up for me!"
"You really think you're winning? Soldiers! Full assault!"
Teleporting to another side of the room
"Over here!"
"Something wrong with your eyes?"

While the soldiers attack, Sarydil will be up above you and will be ranting at you the following lines:

Sarydil: "I'll gift Varallion your heads and leave the rest to the yaghra."
Sarydil: "You're going to die in Jakarn's place. How utterly tragic."
Sarydil: "You idiots don't even know what you've gotten yourselves into. And you never will!"
Sarydil: "Wretched pawns. You'll die in ignorance."

When Sarydil is killed:

Sarydil: "Varallion, I have failed …."
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