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Sapiarch Larnatille
Home Settlement Lillandril
Location College of Sapiarchs
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sapiarchs
Sapiarch Larnatille

Sapiarch Larnatille, also known as Larnatille of Lillandril, is the Altmer Sapiarch of Arcanology and leader of the College of Sapiarchs.

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Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Tower Sentinels[edit]

Earl Leythen: "No more sages need to die today, Sapiarch. Just give me the diamond keys."
Sapiarch Larnatille: "The Resolute Diamonds are not mine to give. Especially not to a Daedric cultist."
"You and your companion arrived in the proverbial nick of time. Now if you wouldn't mind, who in Oblivion are you and how did you know the College of Sapiarchs was under assault?"
The Ritemaster of the Psijic Order sent us to warn you. The Crystal Tower has been compromised.
"First this cultist leads an army of Daedra into our compound and demands I turn over the Resolute Diamonds. Now you arrive with a warning from the long-absent sages of Artaeum.
I think you need to explain yourself before we go any further."
Three Daedric Princes worked with the Sea Sloads to steal the Heart of Transparent Law.
"That's impossible. We would know if the tower's defenses had been breached... but it would explain the disasters currently befalling the Summerset Isle.
Let's say I believe you. What does the Ritemaster suggest as the next step?"
The Ritemaster is trying to locate the Heart. We need to keep the Daedric Princes out of the tower.
"A reasonable plan. But access to the tower requires the Resolute Diamonds, which are guarded by the tower sentinels. Only they can use the keys. I suppose they are the next targets.
We need to warn Hannayel and Imedril at the Illumination Academy."
I can go warn the tower sentinels.
"We appreciate your aid in this matter. Before you head to the Illumination Academy, perhaps you can have your friend get that... cultist... out of my compound.
As it is, it's going to take weeks to get rid of the stench of Daedra."
Tell me more about the tower sentinels.
"Every eleven years, two Sapiarchs are selected to undergo a long and extensive ritual to attune them to the Resolute Diamonds—the keys that open the Crystal Tower.
These sentinels guard the diamonds and utilize them to grant access to the tower."
No one else can use the diamonds?
"The azure diamonds are a matched set, specifically attuned to a pair of Sapiarchs at any given time. Only an attuned sentinel can use a diamond key, and both keys are required to open the path into the tower."
Then why does this Daedric cultist want the diamonds?
"Who can say how much the cultist actually knows about the diamonds and their function?
The Daedric Prince he serves, however, has magic enough to utilize the diamonds. That's why we must make sure the sentinels are safe and out of harm's way."
Tell me more about Hannayel and Imedril.
"In addition to their sentinel duties, Hannayel and Imedril also serve as scholars in the College of Sapiarchs. They have research to conduct, lectures to give.
For their own protection, however, their identities as sentinels are known only to a few."
Being a tower sentinel is a secret?
"That's our standard practice. Difficult times call for desperate measures, however. You need to know who they are so you can find them and return them to our compound.
Hannayel needed to use the Academy library and Imedril accompanied her."

A New Alliance[edit]


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