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Home City Rimmen
Race Dagi Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner

Samari is a drunken Dagi commoner who can be found in Rimmen.


If you talk with him he will ramble about various things relating to Dagi:

"We Dagi climb trees better than we walk on the ground. So, if you see Samari falling down on his face … then you know. He is Dagi, right? It's so!"
"Hey! Hey, you. You didn't … wait, let this one start again.
You don't think Samari is a monkey, do you? Alla time, people are saying, look at tha' silly monkey! But look! Does Samari wear a fez? Does Samari play a squeeze-box? Ziss'vo!"
"Samari drinks too much. No, no, no … shhh. Do not argue. It is true.
People say a person Samari's size should not drink an entire keg of … whatever this is. They are probably right, you know? But what can this one do? Get a job? Pfft. No thanks!"