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Sabina Cedus
Location Fang Lair
Species Ghost
Health Normal52000roundedVeteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
Sabina in her ghost form

Sabina Cedus is a Ghost found in Fang Lair. She was originally an Imperial and one of the adventurers who slew the dragon Thurvokun in the First Era, along with Ulfnor and Caluurion. In undeath she has been bound to serve the necromancer Orryn the Black.

Sabina Cedus
Location Fang Lair
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Sabina's spirit after being freed

When the ghost version of her and skeleton version of Ulfnor are defeated, they will be freed from Orryn the Black's control. Her spirit will help you to kill Orryn the Black, and tell you of Thurvokun's death.

Related Quests[edit]


Combat Dialogue[edit]

Conversation while she is being summoned:

Orryn the Black: "So many of the things you've broken I can easily replace, but Caluurion... he was a unique specimen. He'll never be the same.
And what are these two without the third? Incomplete. Ancillary. Superfluous.
Ulfnor. Sabina. Smash yourselves to dust against these vandals."
Ulfnor: "Sorry to have to kill you."
Sabina Cedus: "No you're not."
Ulfnor: "Has to be done. Might as well enjoy it."

During the battle:

"Now the grip of death has us both."
"Your fate is sealed."
"These are our chains now."
"Ulfnor! Strike them down!"
"Soon you won't have the will to fight at all."
"The grating scrape of chains is all I know now."
"You can't escape this fate. None of us can!"

When fighting Orryn and Thurvokun, Sabina will assist against the ghost wall mechanic.

Sabbina Cedus: "Sending souls to the afterlife is a specialty of mine."
Sabina Cedus: "When it's your time Orryn, it won't be this quick."


Once Sabina and Ulfnor are defeated, the following conversation occurs:

Ulfnor: "Good...fight."
Sabina Cedus: "My chains are broken!"
Yisareh: "That's it, the necromantic energies are exhausted. They should be free now.
Caluurion, we've done as you asked. Tell us of Orryn's plans."
Caluurion: "He seeks to take what we won at so steep a price, so long ago."
Sabina Cedus: "Thurvokun. The Dragon we hunted still lies dead in its roost."
Ulfnor: "By my hand, you'll recall. Not that any songs'll be sung about it."
Yisareh: "Tell me he doesn't have the Dragon's soul."
Caluurion: "Hmph, no. I was unable to capture the Dragon's soul when we slew it. It's corporeal form was all I was able to claim. And this ruin."
Yisareh: "Small blessings... but even soulless Dragon bones pose a terrible threat in the hands of someone as powerful as Orryn. We have to stop his plans."

Sabina can then be questioned:

"Divines grant me strength, there's a grudge to be repaid. I'll don whatever I can to see our tormentor answer for what he's done."
How might you be able to assist me?
"Against a living necromancer, there's not much I can don directly, but should you deprive him of his corporeal form...well, lets just say I've had a lot more time to practice the arts of pain that way."
I'll do what I can.

Once Orryn and Thurvokun are defeated:

Yisareh: "I think it's time we laid these old bones to rest for good.
Caluurion, Ulfnor, Sabina, help me unravel the threads binding Orryn to your ancient foe."
Caluurion: "Turnabout is fair play."
Ulfnor: "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."
Sabina Cedus: "Time for a taste of your own medicine, bastard."
Orryn the Black: "Where did I go wrong?"
Sabina Cedus: "There'll be plenty of time for regrets where you're going."
Yisareh: "Now to ensure this Dragon stays buried for a very long time.
Breath of the Tricky God. Breeze of the Far Shores. Carry away the lingering life that clings as Sep's skin to this world.
May your elusive spirit be forever swallowed by the Void."

After this Sabina Cedus may be spoken to for a final time.

"Rancid bastard. One death is too kind for him. If I had any descendants, I'd haunt them until they emptied their coffers on resurrections and assassinations."
I'm confident Orryn's getting his comeuppance in the hereafter.
"When I was wronged in life, I made sure the slight was appropriately repaid. I don't like having to leave it to the gods to mete out the punishment...but I don't suppose I'm left with any other choice this time."
So you're ready to move on from this life?
"I left no children to carry my name or tomb for my memory. Absent my revenge, what is there is cling to? Best to end the story here, where it was meant to."
I won't forget what you did here. Thank you.


  • During combat she can often not be damaged when she is floating above Ulfnor, and will only move from that spot periodically.