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Location Northern room of Crypt of Hearts II
Species Spider Daedra
Health Normal1473488Veteran2460134 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Ruzozuzalpamaz's Charged Barb
Daedra Husk
Poison Solvents

Ruzozuzalpamaz is a Spider Daedra found within the Crypt of Hearts II. She serves as the first boss the players have to defeat to progress.

Her unique drop is Ruzozuzalpamaz's Charged Barb.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type creature, Ruzozuzalpamaz is immune to all forms of crowd control effects. As a Daedric creature, Ruzozuzalpamaz is especially vulnerable to Fighters Guild skills.

A basic ranged attack that does high poison damage. If taunted, the boss will be forced to use this attack on the tank only.
Lightning Onslaught
The boss releases streaks of lightning from itself as indicated by red circles. This attack does high shock damage and thus the tank should face the boss away from the party to reduce the chance of them being hit.
Creeping Storm
The boss places a large AOE under a random player. This attack does high shock damage over time as indicated by a red circle. This AOE will move along with the player it is targeting, thus that player should lead the AOE away from the rest of the party by running a lap along the side of the room until it dissipates.
Spider Bites
The boss wraps a random player in a cocoon. This attack does moderate poison damage over time. Other party members must go near the trapped player and press the synergy key to free them.
Summon Spiders
The boss summons many spiders to attack the party. They should be killed as soon as possible to simplify the fight.
Chattering Webs


Entering the chamber:

Nerien'eth: "Leave those souls―kill the intruders!"
Ruzozuzalpamaz: "Watch your tone, mortal. Blade or no, only the Whisperer commands me."

General Taunts:

Ruzozuzalpamaz: "This is not a place for mortals."

Casting Creeping Storm:

Ruzozuzalpamaz: "Let's see if you can keep up."

Cocoons a party member:

Ruzozuzalpamaz: "You'll make a fine meal for my children."
Ruzozuzalpamaz: "You're not going anywhere!"
Ruzozuzalpamaz: "Give up. Let my web take you."

Party wipe:

Ruzozuzalpamaz: "What did you hope to accomplish by coming here? We will feast on your carcass, and thus, your carcass will make these grounds fertile."
Ruzozuzalpamaz: "My web will hold your bodies for later."
Ruzozuzalpamaz: "We'll eat well tonight."


Ruzozuzalpamaz is associated with four achievements:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png Crypt of Hearts II Vanquisher 10 Defeat Ibelgast, Ruzozuzalpamaz, the Chamber Guardian, the Brothers Ilambris and the Ilambris Amalgam, Mezeluth, and Nerien'eth in Crypt of Hearts II.
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Crypt of Hearts II Conqueror 10 Defeat Ruzozuzalpamaz, the Brothers Ilambris and the Ilambris Amalgam, and Nerien'eth in Veteran Crypt of Hearts II.
ON-icon-achievement-UD Skill Master.png Deadly Crypt Survivor 50 Defeat Ibelgast, Ruzozuzalpamaz, Chamber Guardian, Ilambris Amalgam, and Mezeluth, before defeating Nerien'eth in Veteran Crypt of Hearts II without suffering a group member death.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png Crypt of Hearts II Assassin 50 Defeat Ibelgast, Ruzozuzalpamaz, Chamber Guardian, Ilambris Amalgam, and Mezeluth, before defeating Nerien'eth in Veteran Crypt of Hearts II within thirty minutes of starting the dungeon. Timer starts when the entrance gate opens.