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Home Settlement Weynon Priory
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Rogeraud is a Breton who can be found outside the Weynon Priory Monastic Lodge in Cyrodiil.


If you talk to him, you can have the following conversation with him:

"I've been told this staff casts an opacity spell over the windows, and it needs to be renewed constantly.
I suspect the older acolytes are playing a trick on me."
Why do the windows need to be opaque?
"This is our home, our refuge from the chaos of Cyrodiil. Acolytes retreat inside for rest and meditation, reflecting on the world and Akatosh's plan for it. Having folk like you stare at us through the windows would be distracting."
What's Akatosh's plan?
"Who knows? I sure don't. Anyone who does know isn't talking, not to me anyway. Abbess Shei-Chuna prays constantly for Akatosh's Word but has never received it, that I know of. Some say his plan is beyond mortal ability to understand."