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Battlegrounds Furnisher
Home City Daggerfall
Location Gladiator's Quarters
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Battlegrounds Furnisher

Rajarkir is a Battlegrounds Furnisher who sells furnishing objects at the Gladiator's Quarters in Daggerfall while fellow furnisher Fabio Previa sells banners and tapestries.


"Bright Moons! News travels fast in these parts. It says that my furniture is the best around. Take a look and see for yourself."
"This one has heard that you have proven yourself on the Battlegrounds, and now it is time to remind others of your great deeds."
"A victory party needs to have the right lighting and food and music. These goods can make sure your home fits the bill."
"A warrior must constantly prove themselves in the Battlegrounds. This one has the best furniture around to prove you did just that."
"This one has furniture that can make sure your home is as impressive as you. Come see!"