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This character only appears during the Jester's Festival event
Pudentia Pitio
Home City Ebonheart
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Pudentia Pitio

Pudentia Pitio is an Imperial butcher who can be found in Ebonheart during the Jester's Festival. You must steal her pig Princess for Jester King Jorunn during the Festival events.

When you steal Princess using Mudcrab apples, Pudentia will appear in various places around the city as you attempt to escape. If she notices you during this, you will receive a small bounty. Eventually she will give up chasing you.

Related Quests[edit]


After you initially lure Princess away, Pudentia will quickly realize her pig is gone.

Pudentia Pitio: "Hey, where's my pig? Who took my pig!"

When she notices you while escaping from the city.

Pudentia Pitio: "There's the thief! Give me back my pig!"
Pudentia Pitio: "Sneaky s'wit! She's my sow!"
Pudentia Pitio: "Someone stop that swine!"
Pudentia Pitio : "Guards! Guards! Quit laughing and help!"

Other exclamations Pudentia hurls as she chases you through the city:

Pudentia Pitio : "Pig on the loose! Be on the lookout for a pig on the loose!"
Pudentia Pitio : "You can have the best cut! Just stop!"
Pudentia Pitio : "Hand over the pig and nobody gets hurt!"
Pudentia Pitio : "Here pig! Here piggy pig pig! Piggy?"
Pudentia Pitio : "Stop running! I just got her fattened up!"
Pudentia Pitio : "Anyone seen a suspicious character with a pig? No, not me!"
Pudentia Pitio : "All right! You win! Just hand over my pig and we'll pretend this never happened!"
Pudentia Pitio: "Where did they go? Pigs can't really fly, can they?"