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Priestess Sendel
Location Serpent's Grotto
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Priestess Sendel

Priestess Sendel is a Bosmer member of the Woodhearth guard tasked with stopping Eilgun the Serpent Lord from summoning a powerful sea serpent bound in the Serpent's Grotto.

You initially find her leading a group of Woodhearth Scouts and Woodhearth Protectors not very deep within Serpent's Grotto. She's studying a Maormer text on blood magic which, luckily, had a blood rune with it. Although only a casual dabbler in the study of blood magic, she's quickly able to figure out what's required and asks you to fill the blood rune and repair three seals that kept the sea serpent secure.

Once that's been achieved, Sendel is found at the end of the cave system trying to disable a Maormer magical barrier, which she manages to do. After explaining to you that she's not entirely sure if she's able to utilize the magic, she tells you she isn't very combat-orientated and requires you to defeat Eilgun the Serpent Lord while she tries to channel the wild magic.

As soon as Eilgun the Serpent Lord has been defeated and the sea serpent rebound, she chooses to remain at the Binding Pool longer.

Related Quests[edit]


"I swear, Xarxes himself has it in for me, or this is his idea of a joke.
I've been complaining about how serving in the guard is a waste of my abilities, and now we're in a crisis that demands my skills, and I'm woefully out of my depth!"
What's the crisis?
"The damned Sea Elves are attacking! Both the sanctuary and the grotto. They must've known about this place.
A massive sea serpent has been bound here for centuries in the pool above us. And now, a Maormer mage has broken the seals holding it!"
Is there any way to repair the seals?
"I don't know! All I've been able to decipher is the seals were created with blood magic.
If you kill the Maormer and infuse this blood rune with life energy, you might be able to repair the seals, but there's more to it. I-I need to keep reading."
You read. I'll take the blood rune and repair the seals.

You can speak to her again.

"If this works, I'll owe the gods an apology. Fill the blood rune and then use it on the three seals.
After that, we'll have to deal with the Binding Pool. Hopefully, I'll have figured this out by then. I'll meet you up at the gate to the pool."
I have a few questions.
"Ask then. But be quick. If that serpent gets free, it'll destroy everything on the western shore of Valenwood, including Woodhearth."
Can you tell me anything more about the seals?
"The seals are actually small pools of water. Elain, Ralos, and Valir - they're named after those who sacrificed their lives to bind the serpent. That's all I know.
Don't know how the mage broke them or if the blood rune can really repair them."
Why did they bind the serpent? Why not kill it?
"From what I've read, it sounds like that might not be possible.
This is no ordinary sea serpent. The text refers to it as the "Great Serpent." I don't know what that means, but apparently binding it here was the only way to stop it."
What do you know about the Maormer mage?
"I only know that he's very powerful. When our scouts approached him, he burnt them to cinders with the flick of his wrist.
I suspect he also knew about this place beforehand, and he probably studied up on the seals... and on the serpent."
What do the Maormer gain by releasing the serpent?
"Again, I'm only guessing here, but I read that the Maormer were once able to command such creatures.
It scares the Oblivion out of me to even consider it, but what if their mages have rediscovered such magic?"
Where did you get this blood rune?
"You mean did I just happen to be carrying one around? No. I found it with this text, and I'm proud to say I actually knew what it was!
I've read a good bit about blood runes. Kind of a morbid fascination, I suppose."

After activating the blood runes, you meet her at the end of the cavern system just as she successfully destroys the Maormer mage's barrier with "It worked! I did it! I can't believe it!"

"Did you see that? The Maormer mage had activated the barrier on this door to block us from getting to the Binding Pool, but I figured out how to break it!
What about you though? Did you repair the seals?"
Yes. The seals are repaired. What else do we need to do?
"We have to go out to the Binding Pool and channel the energy to rebind the serpent. I've read everything I can, but this is old, wild magic. I don't know if I can do this.
And if the Maormer mage is out there... well, I certainly can't defeat him."
I'll take care of the mage. You rebind the serpent.
"All right. If this works, and you are able to defeat the Maormer mage... I'll need you to do one more thing - when I say the word, use the blood rune to activate the final seal - that's it.
All right. We can do this. Yes. All right. Let's go!"

As you leave the cavern, she'll yell "Y'ffre's bones! What in Oblivion is he doing? We have to stop him! Hurry!" Then as you attack "I'll begin the rebinding spell. You take care of that mage!" and as soon as the mage has been defeated, she'll shout "Now, use the blood rune on the final seal! Quickly!"

"Z'en's sweet mercy! We did it! The serpent's bound again!
First off, I have to say I'm sorry to the gods for ever doubting them. Second, I promise I will never say that guard duty is beneath my abilities again. Never!"
What about the rest of the Maormer?
"I think I've done all I can. You're pretty tough - tougher than me, at least. You may be ready for the next fight, but I'm going to need a few minutes.
Go on, though. With you on our side, this whole Maormer thing will be over quick, I imagine."

Thus completing the quest.

If spoken to again, she'll choose to stay here for a while longer:

"You know at first, this wild magic and the seals here seemed completely incomprehensible, but I think I understand how it works now.
In fact, I think I'll poke around here for a little bit before I leave."