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Priestess Ensa-ko
Home Settlement Temple of the Crescent Moons
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Priest
Priestess Ensa-ko

Priestess Ensa-ko is a Khajiit priestess at the Temple of the Crescent Moons on Khenarthi's Roost.


Before exploring the Mourning Springs, she'll talk about the old temple to the east.

"While this temple has been disturbed by outsiders, the light of Jone and Jode still shines down upon it. That cannot be said of all places on Khenarthi's Roost."
What are you talking about?
"Have you heard of the temple of the Mourning Springs? Ancient, it is, but not visited by the people of the Roost. Avoid it, they do, with superstitious dread.
But someone must go there. Its waters are drying up, and the mourning springs must flow."
Where is it?
"On the eastern side of the island. Go there, and your way will be revealed. Look for the moon-stones! They are the key."

If you did not know before, she will mark the temple's location on your map.

After stopping the evil from escaping:

"The temple of the Mourning Springs has been set to right. The moonlight shines upon you."
Uldor's prison in the temple is restored.
"But at a cost … this one saw. And this one would not envy you that choice, though she cannot fault your rationale.
You have prevented a great evil from gaining freedom and plaguing the Roost once again. Thank you."