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Priest Haduras
Location Two Moons at Tenmar Temple
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Priest Haduras

Priest Haduras is a Khajiit priest who can be found at Two Moons at Tenmar Temple. After he returned to the temple from delivering an important message to Lord Gharesh-ri, he found that his fellow priests were acting bizarrely, especially Moon-Bishop Sizenza whose dangerous pronouncements were being followed despite the risk.

When you encounter him, he will ask for your help.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Lunacy of Two Moons[edit]

Chasing Butterflies[edit]

You'll initially find Haduras near the temple wayshrine, looking exhausted.

"Zha'al, spare a kindness for a priest of Two Moons? Haduras is at the end of his rope, dangling by the scruff."
What's wrong?
"This one returns from warning the Speaker of the Mane of a dire prophecy only to find his fellow priests speaking little-sense and doing even less. Raving and rambling about our Moon-Bishop's visions and growing more demented by the moment."
Demented how?
"She tells the priests to burn their moon-sugar, so they do. She tells them to smear cheese upon the walls, so they do. She tells them to douse the temple fires with their tongues, so they do!
I fear someone will die if this continues!"
I'll help you get to the bottom of this madness.
"Bright Moons shine upon you, walker! This one pursued his friend, Zargha, before you arrived. The fool chases a beast's young with a butterfly net and woe unto him when their mother follows the commotion.
Please, find Zargha before he is eaten."

You can then ask him some questions:

Where did your friend, Zargha, go?
"I last saw him run after the beasts into the wilderness to the west. I hoped he would not follow them into their den, but I would be a fool to believe that now."
You said you're a priest of Two Moons. What is that?
"Two Moons at Tenmar is Haduras's temple. A venerable house of Jone and Jode. A place of worship and wisdom, reduced to a den of fools chasing our Moon-Bishop's fevered dreams."
Will the priest just do anything she asks them to?
"They don't question her visions. No matter how absurd the task, they leap at it with zeal! When I asked why they would do such things, they look at me as if I'm the one who is crazy."
It sounds like they're under some sort of spell.
"A powerful and insidious spell, to turn the whole temple on its head! But at least a spell may be broken. It's a small comfort, to hope that their minds may not be truly lost."
When did your Moon-Bishop start having visions?
"Since she was very young. Her eyes have always been as bright as Jone and Jode. She's never led us astray—it's why she's Moon-Bishop—but all this madness? Something is not right."
What was the prophecy you took to the Speaker of the Mane?
"She foresaw the return of the Dragons with a frightening clarity. I went to warn Lord Gharesh-ri on this dire prophecy, so it might reach the Mane's ears, but I arrived too late. The Dragons had already come."

A Particular Fork[edit]

After rescuing Zargha and speaking to an odd Alfiq, you can find Haduras at the stairs to leading to the temple grounds. He will be trying to convince his fellow priests to not maim themselves:

Priest Haduras : "No, no! Stop this madness. Why can't you see reason?"
Moon-Priest Tahari : "Seeing is the problem, Haduras! That's why we need it!"
Moon-Priest Radah : "Maybe we don't need it? This one's claws are sharp! Pop! Pop! And we're all saved!"
Priest Haduras : "No! It, uh, must be the fork! It won't work otherwise!"

You can speak to him and he will be relieved to see you:

"Ah, Zha'al! You are safe! I hope the same may be said about Zargha."
He was headed back to the Temple, last I saw him.
"Moons, I pray he does not get any other ideas. Haduras has his hands full as it is! He found these ones searching for a fork to put out their eyes!"
They want to blind themselves?
"The Moon-Bishop told them that if they blind themselves, they would remain hidden from the Dragons' sight."
They need a fork for that?
"Not just any fork. A two tined, iron fork smelling ever so slightly of roast beef.
Please, help me keep them from finding the smelly thing."
All right. What do you need me to do?
"This one smells meat wafting on the wind. It is not an odor he would call beefy, but he thinks it may be the trail they were following.
Haduras will keep his eyes on these ones, so they may keep their eyes."

After being asked to find a fork, you can ask about what they were doing and also tell him about the Alfiq you met. Your responses may differ if you have previously completed some particular quests:

Why do they think this smelly fork will help them hide from Dragons?
"Because they are insane! Only a sugar-tooth would believe putting out their own eyes would blind a Dragon, and even they would have the sense not to do it unless it got them more skooma.
I count my blessings that not just any fork will do."
You think this smell is going to lead me to the fork? (First time encountering the Fork)
"Then take every fork to be found and pitch them off a cliff …!
This one doesn't care so long as it keeps these fools from doing themselves harm."
This fork sounds familiar. I think I may have encountered it before. (Know about the Fork)
"Then this one is sure you will have no trouble finding it! Return when you have found it and perhaps we may convince these ones to give up and return to the temple."
I encountered an odd character after I rescued Zargha. I think he's responsible for this.
"You did? What did he—wait! Why didn't you stop him?"
He vanished into thin air before I could. This is all a game to him.
"Dark Moons. What sort of childish sorcerer drives clergy to chase after wild beasts and put out their eyes? We must stop this sick puppeteer, but this one can't just leave these fools to their own devices. Find the fork, then we'll give chase!"

Once you retrieve the fork from some hungry and cannibalistic Ruddy Fangs, you can return to Haduras.

"If this one must talk in circles with lunatics much longer, he too will go mad!
Did you find any offending forks at the campground?"
Yes. Take a look.
"Brr! Khajiit gets all goose-pimply in the hackles just touching it! Haduras fears things are even worse than he imagined. This fork reeks of more than beef, it stinks of Oblivion!"
what is said if you haven't encountered Sheogorath beforehand?
"There is no denying it now, our temple is caught in the claws of the Skooma Cat! He must be responsible for our Moon-Bishop's strange visions, but how he's spread his madness to the priests … I cannot fathom it."[verification needed — correct?]
I've seen it before. It belongs to Sheogorath. (If you previously met him)
"The Skooma Cat! He must be responsible for our Moon-Bishop's strange visions, but how has he spread his madness to the monks …? And you said you saw him? In the flesh?"
He appeared as a small cat.
"An Alfiq? The Skooma Cat should not be able to cross the Lunar Lattice. If he walks among us, then Jone and Jode must truly be out of alignment.
We must check on the temple!"
All right.
"Please, you go ahead to the temple. Find our Moon-Bishop, keep her from spreading any more of this madness!
Haduras will meet you there. Once he leads these ones to safety without them straying toward any other foolishness."

You can ask him more questions before heading to the Temple:

Tell me about the Moon-Bishop.
"Sizenza, bright as the Moons and just as beautiful. One look and you could tell that Jone and Jode shone their light upon her and the path forward would be lit by their reflection in her eyes. When she spoke, one would be wise to listen. Not so now."
You think I can reason with her?
"If there is anyone within Two Moons at Tenmar who could see truth through this madness, it would be her, but her eyes are clouded by the Skooma Cat's visions. I fear there will be no reaching her while he toys with us."
What's the story behind the Skooma Cat?
"Before there were the moons, or the world, there were Ahnurr and Fadomai. From their union, all the God Cats came, including the one Khajiit known as Sheggorath, the crook-tailed Cat who shares his madness with sugar-tooths through skooma."
Is that how he's been driving the priests insane?
"Haduras does not smell the sick sweetness of the drug upon them. Terrible as it is, the fleeting skooma-dreams would be preferable to this all-consuming madness.
On this side of the Lattice, it seems Sheggorath needs no sugar to share his lunacy."
The Lattice?
"The Lunar Lattice formed by Jone and Jode's light separates Nirni from the other God Cats and protects her children from the ones who would do us harm.
Normally, Sheggorath could only send his mad thoughts across through the perverted moon-sugar."
What are you going to do with the fork I brought you?
"This one isn't sure. The mere touch of it makes him want to spit fur, but he must keep it out of the hands of others. Perhaps he will bury it under the squatting sands where it belongs!"
It's probably best that you hang onto it.
"It is the least that this one can do to keep his kin from teetering off the edge of insanity. Haduras will be all right, no amount of lingering beef-stink will lure this one into putting it into his mouth—or anywhere else for that matter!"

Back to Sanity[edit]

Once you have survived the Mad God's whims and returned with Moon-Bishop Sizenza from the Skooma Cat's Cloister, you will find Haduras talking to a distraught Sizenza:

Moon-Bishop Sizenza : "Haduras. What … what have I done?"
Priest Haduras : "It was not you, Sizenza, it was the Skooma Cat that brought these misfortunes."

When you talk him, he can be asked about how he dealt with the others, as well as about the original prophecy he was sent to deliver:

"Sharp claw, Haduras is glad to see you kept your wits about you. This one thought he too would lose his mind, while keeping the priests from getting into trouble. It was like trying to herd mice."
Was anyone else harmed?
"After you scared eight lives from Haduras jumping through that portal, he convinced his fellow priests to keep within the temple grounds and do nothing too crazy."
How'd you manage that?
"With a rousing game of Sizenza says. She was not here to contradict Haduras's white lies, so his foolish fellows were eager to do his bidding.
Khajiit did nothing untoward with this newfound authority."
What will happen now that sanity is restored?
"We must tend to those who were harmed by the Skooma Cat's mischief and offer prayers to the Moons for those who were tricked out of their lives. I fear though, that our troubles have just begun."
What makes you say that?
"Sizenza's prophecy about the Dragons was no deception of the Skooma Cat, and her prediction that they will swallow Jone and Jode weighs upon this temple and all our realm.
We look to our Moon-Bishop for answers, but none are to be found."
Will the priests continue to follow her after this?
"Khajiit have always followed her without question, but now knowing that her vision may become as clouded as the Dark Moons, that faith is shaken. Haduras thinks we must see for ourselves from now on and not put the burden entirely on our Moon-Bishop."

Heir of Anequina[edit]

If helped the Two Moons temple previously, Haduras will be attending the coronation ceremony. However, his main purpose in Rimmen is to deliver news of a new vision:

"Zha'al! Once again Haduras finds you in the thick of the madness! Perhaps you did not leave Two Moons at Tenmar with all your wits about you? You seem to throw yourself at undead and Dragons with reckless abandon."
Did you come to attend the queen's coronation?
"Haduras came to inform Gharesh-ri of the happenings at Two Moons Temple, and to deliver another vision from the Moon Bishop. Sizenza takes what she sees with a pinch of moon-sugar now, but she was certain there was truth in this prophecy."
Another vision?
"She saw a Dragon with a broken horn and a warrior with a great mane on his chin. They joined together to spawn children cloaked in scales in order to take down a terrible tyrant.
Her words, not mine, walker."
Any idea what that could mean?
"Haduras does not know who or what these things represent, that is for wiser minds than his. The only thing he can say with certainty is peace and tranquility are not in our future.
Perhaps Lord Gharesh-ri will find a more optimistic interpretation."
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