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Priest Adahni
Location Sunspire
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Priest Adahni

Priest Adahni is a Khajiit worshipper of Alkosh found praying in the initial entrance hallway within Sunspire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Priest Adahni

When you enter the hallway on your way out of the Vestibule to see Alkosh, Priest Adahni will usher you forward.

Priest Adahni: "This way, faithful. Divine Alkosh awaits your rightful adoration in the courtyard."

If you speak to him on your way to the Temple Courtyard:

"You may join the prayerful in the courtyard when you are ready to witness the Divine for yourself.
Or you may pray with us here, if you are not yet ready to see."

Once you have slain Nahviintaas and have completed the quest, Priest Adahni will run up to the platform along with Priest Kazafar. He will have some news for the Moon-Bishop.

Priest Adahni: "Azin-jo! Mojha speaks the truth! These Dragons are no gods."
Priest Adahni: "We must leave before … oh."
Priest Adahni: "It is a sadness, but we are free now."

If you speak with him:

"There are no words for the regret this one feels."
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