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Plane Meld Rift
Location White-Gold Tower (Green Emperor Way, Imperial Guard Quarters, Shattered Void)
Type Portal
Health Normal982Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
A Plane Meld Rift

Plane Meld Rifts are entities that spill forth Daedra into the world, making progressing through the White-Gold Tower a little more difficult. If not destroyed, more and more Daedra will spawn out of it until it eventually dissipates. A simple light attack or two is enough to dispose of them. You can only destroy them if Sister Terran has given you the ability to do so. You will know if you are able to destroy them when your screen turns gray.

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  • If your party is wiped after a rift is destroyed, the Daedra summoned will remain and start excavating the area they're in.
  • They are named for the Planemeld, but are not spelled the same.
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