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Battlegrounds Furnisher
Home City Necrom
Location Gladiator's Quarters
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 25,974
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Battlegrounds Furnisher
Other Information
Faction(s) Storm Lords

Pirrunira is a Khajiit Battlegrounds Furnisher located at the Gladiator's Quarters in Necrom.


"Pay no mind to Pirrunira's injured wrist. A minor sprain, earned by a moment of clumsiness in the ring. Her goods, however, are worthy of your attention!"
"Alas, Pirrunira is a better furnisher than fighter. A mild sprain might serve to remind her that the battleground is no place for novices.
How may this one help you?"
"You have the look of a true champion, walker. Here you can find trophies to match your talents!
Please. This one is honored by your interest in her goods."

Furnishings for Sale[edit]

Name Type Price Description
ON-furnishing-Brazier of the Fire Drakes.jpg Brazier of the Fire Drakes (page) Lighting
0005000050,000 Gold The fiery brazier burns with the fires of the Pit.
ON-furnishing-Chained Skull of the Fire Drakes.jpg Chained Skull of the Fire Drakes (page) Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
00100000100,000 Gold The large drake's skull is bound with powerful magic and chains.
ON-furnishing-Crown of the Stormlords.jpg Crown of the Stormlords (page) Gallery
(Honors and Awards)
0007500075,000 Gold The oversized crown of the Stormlords is a symbol of regal prowess.
ON-furnishing-Fire Drake's Skull.jpg Fire Drake's Skull (page) Gallery
(Honors and Awards)
00150000150,000 Gold The stylized skull of a Fire Drake polished and lacquered by flame.
ON-furnishing-Skull of the Pit Daemon.jpg Skull of the Pit Daemon (page) Gallery
(Honors and Awards)
00100000100,000 Gold This mighty spiked skull from the Pit is emblazoned with Daedric script.
ON-furnishing-Weathervane of the Stormlords.jpg Weathervane of the Stormlords (page) Lighting
(Enchanted Lights)
00125000125,000 Gold This magical weathervane crackles with the might of the Storm.