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Perfect Gallant Charge is a Blackrose Weapons item set awarded from Blackrose Prison at Veteran difficulty. If you do so at Normal difficulty, you will instead receive the Gallant Charge set, which lacks the Resistance boosts.

Set pieces are Honor Guard Style.


2 items: Adds 17-1190 Armor
2 items: Reduces the cost of Shield Charge by 25% and reduces the cost of your next non-Shield Charge One Handed and Shield ability cast within 3 seconds by 100%.


The set consists of a one handed weapon and shield in all traits. For detailed weapon stats and set values, see individual item pages by clicking on the links below.


  • This set consists of a one-handed weapon and a shield, which must be equipped together. You could in theory equip two one-handed weapons, but you cannot perform Shield Charge without a shield equipped, and the benefit only applies to other One Hand and Shield abilities.