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Discover the secrets of an ancient Khajiiti order in the ruins of the Ashen Scar.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Objective: Ashen Scar — Help Vastarie stop the threat rising in Ashen Scar.
Quest Giver: Vastarie
Location(s): Ashen Scar, Temple of the Hidden Moon, Tomb of the Hidden Moon
Prerequisite Quest: The Witch of Azurah
Next Quest: The Moonlight Blade
Reward: Hidden Moon Band
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6322
The Clan Mother appears
An ancient Khajiiti lich named Arum-Khal threatens to emerge from the depths of the Ashen Scar. If Vastarie and I are to have any hope of stopping him, I'll need to learn more about the monastic order he betrayed: The Order of the Hidden Moon.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to the Temple Summit and search the grounds for clues.
  2. Talk with Mazza-Mirri.
  3. Read the Learning Stones.
  4. Follow Mazza-Mirri into the Temple.
  5. Learn the Order's past and it's relation to Arum-Khal.
  6. Pass Mazza-Mirri's test.
  7. Take the Moonlight Blade.
  8. Speak with Shando-ri.
  9. Talk to Vastarie.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Investigate the Teaching Stones

Continuing your conversation from the previous quest, Vastarie suggests you meet her at the temple's summit. She speculates that Arum-Khal's story may be associated with the The Order of the Hidden Moon, the ancient Khajiiti group of adepts that operated out of these ruins long ago. At the summit, you'll find a book on an altar. Read the book. It tells you the story of how The Order of the Hidden Moon came to be. A spirit will appear.

Vastarie: "Hmm. Some kind of Khajiiti children's tale?"
Mazza-Mirri: "You know better than that, witch of Azurah."
Vastarie: "Greetings, spirit. We've come in good faith."
Mazza-Mirri: "Very well. Who is this youth who travels with you, I wonder? Come, child. Let old Mazza-Mirri have a look at you."

Speak with Mazza-Mirri. She tells you that her order sealed Arum-Khal away ages ago using a relic called the Moonlight Blade. Unfortunately, their wards are fading, and there is no one left alive worthy enough to wield the Moonlight Blade. Instead of catering to your questions, she tells you to read the three stones scattered across the summit. One is behind the altar, another is to the left of the complex containing the altar, and the third is to the right of the summit ruins. Vastarie will provide commentary for each stone.

Mazza-Mirri shows you a vision of the past

Once you've read the inscriptions on the three stones, speak with Mazza-Mirri. She explains how her order opposed the dro-m'Athra, and how this path is dangerous. Arum-Khal is the result of falling for the darkness and its temptations rather than opposing it. She opens a portal into the ruins proper to further your studies.

Once inside the temple, Mazza will tell you the story of Arum-Khal. She summons a vision to better visualize the story.

Mazza-Mirri: "Now for the story no teaching stone can tell."
Mazza-Mirri: "Arum-Khal served our order for many years as our greatest champion. But as his power grew, so did his pride. In time, he renounced his faith in Azurah and turned to the dark path. The way of the dro-m'Athra."
Mazza-Mirri: "Many adepts fell under his sway, and the order collapsed into civil war. The battles sundered the temple and blighted the canyon below. We triumphed in the end, but Arum-Khal would not die. He fled—seeking refuge in one of his orbs."
Mazza-Mirri: "We locked the orbs away, but now our wards grow brittle, and Arum-Khal prepares to emerge once again. Only a warrior of the Hidden Moon can end this—and only with the powers of the Moonlight Blade."

After seeing the story, you can ask her about her plan for dealing with Arum-Khal. He has grown stronger in the centuries following his initial "defeat". The Order did manage to find a way to kill him permanently, but it's risky. She tells you how the Moonlight Blade is a gift from Azurah, and functions as more than just a weapon. Few have wielded its power, and those who have were of incredibly strong will. She seeks to test your resolve. Follow Mazza-Mirri into the next chamber and begin your trial.

The last blade-bearer

In the next room over, Mazza-Mirri will instruct you.

Mazza-Mirri: "The dro-m'Athra approach, child. Will you dance to the song of the Dark? Or will you close your ears and fight?"

There are three waves of two enemies that you must defeat. The first wave consists of a Dro-m'Athra Dreadnaught and Runecaster. Note that the enemies here have weapons that are not typical for their given class. For example, the Runecaster is a time bomb mage that wields a greatsword, when that class usually wields staves. The next wave consists of a Dro-m'Athra Shadow Walker and Battlemage. The third wave contains a Dro-m'Athra Vigilant and Thundermaul. Once these six enemies have been defeated, follow Mazza-Mirri into the next room. Here lies a mummy with the Moonlight Blade on its lap. Mazza-Mirri instructs you to take the blade. Once you do this, the spirit of Shando-ri appears. Speak with him. He tells you that he resides within the blade, destined to be with the next blade-bearer when they arrive to face Arum-Khal. Once you're done in this room, exit through the tunnel in the back. You will fall through a hole in the ceiling of the tomb, where you will meet back with Vastarie. Explain what you've learned and claim the reward for your findings.


  • The ring you receive as an reward has the Swift trait. Beforehand, this ring trait was only available from Jewelry Crafting Writs rewards or crafted by another player. It is highly recommended you use this ring for research.


  • When you receive the Hidden Moon Band, it will be marked as stolen property when in your inventory. ?
    • Use it for Research, Launder or deconstruct it.

Quest Stages[edit]

Path of the Hidden Moon
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Vastarie suggested that we travel to the temple summit and seek out a helpful spirit who can tell us more about Arum-Khal.
Objective: Travel to the Temple Summit
I arrived at the temple summit. Vastarie senses some kind of spirit lurking here. I should have a look around.
Objective: Search the Temple Summit
A talking cat appeared before me. I should try to speak to it.
Objective: Talk to Mazza-Mirri
Mazza-Mirri wants me to learn some of the teachings of the Order of the Hidden Moon before she'll help us. I need to read the Teaching Stones scattered around the temple summit.
Objective: Visit the Teaching Stones: 0/3
I read the Teaching Stones and learned the Hidden Moon's basic teachings. I should talk to Mazza-Mirri about what this all means.
Objective: Talk to Mazza-Mirri
Mazza-Mirri promised to tell me more about Arum-Khal. She may even know how we can stop him. I should follow her instructions and enter the Temple of the Hidden Moon.
Objective: Enter the Temple
I should listen to what Mazza-Mirri has to tell me about Arum-Khal. It could be the key to stopping this threat.
Objective: Listen to Mazza-Mirri's Tale
I should talk to Mazza-Mirri about her plan to stop Arum-Khal for good.
Objective: Talk to Mazza-Mirri
Mazza-Mirri challenged me to prove my strength of will by fighting summoned dro-m'Athra—evil Khajiiti spirits. If I succeed, she will give me a weapon that can kill Arum-Khal permanently. I should proceed deeper into the temple to face this test.
Objective: Pass Mazza-Mirri's Test
I passed Mazza-Mirri's test and earned the right to wield the weapon that can kill Arum-Khal. I should follow her into the next room.
Objective: Follow Mazza-Mirri
A mummified Khajiit sits in a hidden tomb with a sword across his lap. It seems this Moonlight Blade is the weapon I need to destroy Arum-Khal. I should take it.
Objective: Take the Moonlight Blade
A spirit appeared when I took the blade. I should see what it has to tell me.
Objective: Talk to Shando-ri
Finishes quest☑ The Moonlight Blade will help me defeat Arum-Khal, but age has weakened the enchantments that the Hidden Moon adepts placed on it. I should ask Vastarie if she can help, while also filling her in on the progress I've made.
Objective: Talk to Vastarie
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