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Location Mzeneldt
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Knights of the Gleaming Blade
Condition Spirit
Ostarand's spirit in Mzeneldt
The player polymorphed into Ostarand when looking through his memories in Abagarlas
Ostarand's skeleton next to his log and the chest containing the crystal

Ostarand was an Ayleid Paladric Blade of Meridia who was accompanied by the Knights of the Gleaming Blade, his lover Valasha among them. He and his team were tasked by High King Cenedelin of Delodiil with razing the city of Abagarlas, destroying the Mortuum Vivicus, and hiding the Prismatic Crystal in the Dwemer ruins of Mzeneldt.

He later perished fighting off the undead and Dwemer constructs in the ruin in order to hide the Prismatic Crystal and an Ayleid Tome, recounting his experiences in his diary. In Abagarlas, Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors has you relive its destruction by seeing it through the eyes of Ostarand. It is revealed that he wielded the Prismatic Weapon and killed Queen Palolel and Prince Malyon, nearly destroying the Mortuum Vivicus before Molag Bal had it teleported away.

Related Quests[edit]


The Dangerous Past[edit]

After Curano's death:

Lanath: "Damn it! Curano is dead. The weapon will be lost forever."
Endarre: "No, there's still hope. Ostarand will have to do it."
Ostarand: "Oblivion take you! I can't."
Valasha: "We can still succeed. But you'll have to enact the sacrifice, my friend."
Endarre: "Without a soul in the crystal, there will be no way to repair the weapon. It must be done, Ostarand."

Before Lanath's brave sacrifice:

Ostarand: "We barely survived the last wave. Valasha's injured. We'll never hold against the dead and the constructs."
Lanath: "Ostarand is right. You need time. I'll lead the dead away, down another branch in the tunnels."
Endarre: "Lanath, don't! You'll never survive the swarm!"
Lanath: "If my death buys you the time it needs... For Delodiil! And Meridia!"

During Valasha's dying moments:

Valasha: "My love. Ostarand. If you're going to do it, you have to do it now. I'm dying."
Ostarand: "I can't. Don't die on me Valasha! I can't do this!"
Valasha: "You must, my love. Or Molag Bal has won..."
Endarre: "It's what she wants Ostarand. This is why we came here. Do it."
Ostarand: "Goodbye my love... my Valasha."

When fighting off constructs:

Endarre: "I can't hold them. You have to go!"
Ostarand: "I'm not leaving you!"
Endarre: "We died when we agreed to this quest. We just kept walking a while. Hide the crystal. Hide the tome. Go!"

His final scene of hiding the crystal before perishing:

Ostarand: "The dead centurion. A fitting resting place for my Valasha."
<Hides the crystal inside the dwemer centurion.>
Ostarand: "Now just have to hide the tome."
<The centurion awakes and kills Ostarand.>
Ostarand: "What? No!"


  • The tablets found in Sideways Cave in TES IV: Oblivion reference a child of Meridia as being the one who crushed Abagarlas, which is a subtle mention of Ostarand's key role in the city's destruction.