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Home Settlement Artaeum
Location Eldbur Sanctuary, Ceporah Tower
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Psijic Order
The old outfit from pre-release content

Oriandra is an Imperial member of the Psijic Order on an expedition in Summerset to free adventurers from K'Tora's mind trap. She can be initially found at the Eldbur Sanctuary for new characters, as well as Eldbur Ruins. Later you'll meet her again at the Ceporah Tower on Artaeum.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Mind Trap[edit]

As her projection appears, she says, "Can you hear me? My name is Oriandra. I'll help you get out of this place. You aren't frozen, you just think you are. You can move, you just need to remember how." Approaching the projection, she says:

Oriandra: "Now remember your strength, your power. Take a weapon. Feel the weight in your hand."

After picking up and equipping the Forgotten Adventurer's Sword:

Oriandra: "Now go. Beyond the door. You need to see for yourself before I tell you more."

After finding Oriandra outside the ruins:

Oriandra: "You've been imprisoned in this mind trap by an entity called K'Tora. Its magic is powerful, but you're stronger than you know."
Oriandra: "It may appear beautiful, but it's an illusion. A trap designed to control you."
Oriandra: "K'Tora won't tolerate your resistance much longer."
K'Tora: "There is no escape. I will break you in time. Watch as I turn your own memories against you!"
Oriandra: "Defend yourself! In the mind trap, memories can kill you!"

When fighting the second Warrior:

Oriandra: "Another one! Defend yourself and strike back!"

When fighting the third Warrior:

Oriandra: "A magic-user! Interrupt the spell and retaliate!"

After defeating all the Warriors:

Oriandra: "Well done! With every memory that returns, your resistance grows stronger. Now follow me!"

Upon reaching the precipice:

Oriandra: "I can't go farther in this form. If K'Tora notices me, we'll both be lost."
Oriandra: "You need to reach the tower to escape the mind trap. I can't go with you, but I'll send messages to guide you."
K'Tora: "You can't escape my mind trap! I'll destroy you with your darkest fears!"
Oriandra: "Just believe in yourself and you can do this. You simply need to jump."

After entering The Tower:

Oriandra: "The pearl. It's the key to escaping this mind trap."

After examining the Abyssal Pearl:

K'Tora: "Not so fast, little worm! Let's see how you fare against his nightmare!"

After killing the Yaghra Nightmare:

Oriandra: "Well done! Now destroy the pearl and wake up."

Upon waking up:

Oriandra: "Easy now. You did well."

Speaking to Oriandra at the conclusion of the tutorial quest:

"It gladdens my heart to see you awake and free, my friend. You're the first to respond to my help and escape from that entity's grasp."
Thanks for helping me, but who are you exactly?
"I am Oriandra and I wear the cloak of the Psijic Order. I came to Summerset at the behest of our Ritemaster when I sensed a dark and powerful mind magic emanating from this area.
When I noticed your predicament, I knew I had to intercede."
What's the Psijic Order?
"The Psijic Order is an ancient society of mages, more akin to a monastic order than to the upstart Mages Guild, for example.
We once served as advisors to the rulers of Tamriel, before we departed the world to pursue other interests."
What does this mean, you departed the world?
"It means just that. We took our island of Artaeum and sent it someplace else to better promote meditative study and contemplation.
We maintain an interest in Tamriel, though, hence my appearance here during your time of need."
Tell me more about the mind trap.
"I haven't isolated the source of the mind magic, except that the malevolent entity calls itself K'Tora. It imprisoned you in the mind trap in order to control you, but to what purpose I'm not sure."
Who or what is K'Tora?
"I have no idea. Whoever or whatever K'Tora is, it wields powerful mind magic. Much more powerful than anything I've ever encountered before. The mind trap is an insidious spell that has ensorcelled a number of victims.
I'm still watching over them."
Other victims?
"You weren't the only newcomer to wander into this mind trap. Even a number of High Elves have succumbed to the dark entity's power. With my help, though, you were the first to break free.
That gives me hope that I can eventually save the others."
If all that was in my mind, how come I still have the items I found there?
"You noticed that, did you? Very observant! The mind trap created replicas of items you already possessed. You needed them, so they became real inside the illusion.
And of course you'd still have them in the waking world. They are real, after all."
If I can ever repay you for your help, let me know.
"Take a moment to rest, but once you've shaken off any residual effects of the spell I might require your assistance.
And take this. I assume it belongs to you. It was near your unconscious body when I found you."

You receive the Forgotten Adventurer's Strong Box, one Skill Point and the Soul Magic skill line. If you exit the conversation before getting your reward and talk to her again, she says:

"With my help, you were able to extract yourself from K'Tora's mind trap. I just hope that the techniques I used to assist you will work on the others."

Finishing the conversation with Oriandra will result in her making the following final remark:

Oriandra: "I must return to the Eldbur Ruins to the north and aid the others caught in K'Tora's mind trap. If you find yourself in the area, you might be able to assist me. Stay safe and remember you have a friend in the Psijic Order!"

Whispers from the Deep[edit]

When approaching Oriandra, either in her physical form inside Eldbur Ruins, or her spectral form outside Eldbur Ruins:

Oriandra: "You there! Do something useful and come help me!"

If you've met her before, she'll be friendlier:

Oriandra: "I was hoping you'd wander by. I could really use your help right about now."

Talking to Oriandra, either inside or outside the Eldbur Ruins:

If you've met Oriandra before she'll greet you with:

"You're a welcome sight, my friend! I could use some help to free these people."
"You're just in time, my friend. I could use your help to free these people from K'Tora's mind trap."
How can I help?
"K'Tora has imprisoned a group of adventurers in mind traps, just as the dark entity did to you. I've established mental links with each member of the group, but I can't maintain the links and also perform the tasks necessary to set them free."
I can perform the tasks, just tell me what I need to do.
"Let me attune you to my spell. There! Now we're connected through my mental link.
Find the three adventurers, Cainar, Grog, and Miriya. When you get close, the spell should send you into their individual mind traps. I can direct you from there."
I'll set Cainar, Grog, and Miriya free from their mind traps.

Otherwise she'll say:

"Don't just stand there, help me! I can't do this by myself. The mind trap is just too strong."
Mind trap? I don't understand.
"A dark entity called K'Tora set a trap for a group of adventurers. It locked them in their own minds. I've established a mental link with the group, but I can't maintain it and also perform the tasks necessary to set them free.
I need your help."
What do you need me to do?
"Let me attune you to my spell. There! Now we're connected through my mental link.
Find the three adventurers, Cainar, Grog, and Miriya. When you examine them, the spell should take you into their individual mind traps. I can direct you from there."
I'll set Cainar, Grog, and Miriya free from the mind trap.

The rest of the dialogue is the same, except if you've already met her, she won't introduce herself again.

"Cainar should be our first priority, though don't tell him I said that.
We approach magecraft differently, but he's an accomplished practitioner of the art. He can assist us in rescuing the others, so find him and free him first."
Where can I find Cainar?
"Deeper inside the ruins. Just watch out for the yaghra creatures. I've never seen them before, but they appear to come from the sea.
Also, if you encounter any of the mind-trapped High Elves, there's nothing we can do for them. They're too far gone."
Who are you and why are you trying to save these adventurers?
"Really? That's your question? Oh, very well.
I am Oriandra, a member of an ancient order of sages and magic users. I happened to be nearby when I felt K'Tora's mind magic. It didn't affect me, but I couldn't leave these poor souls to such a fate."
An ancient order of sages and magic users?
"I'm a member of the Psijic Order, but we don't have time for me to explain what that means right now. Just know that I'm trying to help these people and I can't rescue them without you.
So, can we get back to the problem at hand?"
What happens when I find Cainar and the others?
"Cainar and the others will appear to be in a deep sleep. When you get close enough, the spell I'm maintaining should transport you into their individual mind traps.
Be careful in there. Thoughts and memories become real inside a mindscape."
What will I encounter in the mindscape?
"Hard to say. Each one is formed from an individual's personal memories. Plus, you'll notice K'Tora's dark influence, which will only grow more prominent as the mind trap snaps shut.
I should be able to contact you through the link I've established."
What's the purpose of the mind trap?
"This kind of magic is insidious. It takes control of the target's mind, as it did with the High Elves. We need to free the adventurers before it takes them, too.
Now get to it. The link requires a lot of energy and I can't hold it forever."
What can you tell me about K'Tora? (Prior to completing Buried Memories)
"Not very much, I'm afraid. I can sense a dark presence, but I can't quite identify who or what this K'Tora may be.
I sense that the entity is ancient, powerful, and evil. Its mind is alien, though, and hard for me to focus on."
What do we know about K'Tora? (If you have completed Buried Memories, she can tell you about K'tora )
"The Sea Sload K'Tora was a practitioner of powerful mind magic. Even though you ended his threat, K'Tora left mind traps such as these around the island. We'll need to carefully dismantle the traps to save these adventurers."
Tell me about the spell you're performing.
"I've established a link with the three adventurers. It allows me to slow the progress of the mind trap while providing you with a way to enter the mindscape so you can set them free.
This takes a lot of energy, so I'd appreciate it if you hurry."

Upon entering through Oriandra's Link to Cainar's Mind Trap:

Oriandra: "Ah, good. The link is working perfectly!"

Upon heading closer towards Cainar:

Oriandra: "There's Cainar. You need to convince him that this is all an illusion."

Once Cainar is approached, Oriandra will speak to him.

Oriandra: "Cainar, listen to me!"
Cainar: "Oriandra? Why are you in my head?"
Oriandra: "There's no time for research. You need to get out of there."
Cainar: "And you need to ask permission before interrupting someone's thoughts!"
Cainar: "But thank you for sending me an assistant. We'll collect those samples in no time!"
Oriandra: "Just hurry before the mind trap snaps shut!"

Once all three Spell Particles have been acquired:

Oriandra: "Well done! Now return to Cainar and convince him to wake up."

After leaving Cainar's Mind Trap, Oriandra will point you towards the next adventurer who needs rescuing:

Oriandra: "Next, you need to free the Orc warrior named Grog. He should be deeper in the ruins."

Talking to Oriandra in the central section of the ruins, alongside Cainar:

"I sense Grog in the northern section of the ruins. I'll get Cainar to help me with the link as soon as he recovers from his ordeal."

Upon nearing Grog:

Oriandra: "Grog is close. Strange, I don't sense K'Tora's dark power, though."
Cainar: "Hmm. I think he resisted the mind trap on his own, but he's still unconscious."
Oriandra: "Wake him up, please."

After finding Grog and tossing water over him:

Grog: "Hey!"
Oriandra: "That wasn't just water …."
Cainar: "No matter. It worked, didn't it?"
Grog: "And they wonder why I drink so much."
Oriandra: "Focus, Grog. Make your way back to Cainar and me."
Grog: "Yeah, yeah. I'll be right there."
Oriandra: "I've got Grog. You go find Miriya."

Talking to Oriandra in the central room of the ruins, alongside Cainar and Grog:

"Find the Redguard named Miriya. I sense her somewhere deep within the ruins."

Upon nearing Miriya:

Oriandra: "There's Miriya. Be careful in there. I sense her mind trap is nearly complete."

Upon heading closer towards Miriya in Miriya's Mind Trap:

Sharbashana: "Remember to keep your cowl low, Miriya. Stay out of trouble. Be invisible. Survive."
Miriya: "I will, Mama."
Miriya: "Mama?"
Oriandra: "Miriya's losing herself. Find items she holds dear and help her remember."

When observing Miriya's memory of the Dark Brotherhood:

Speaker Ancurio: "I offer you a place with us. A home, a family. If you promise to serve."
Miriya: "I promise, Speaker. Show me the way."
Oriandra: "These memories represent turning points in Miriya's life. The choices that made her who she is. Help her remember!"

Upon leaving Miriya's Mind Trap:

Miriya: "That was … disorienting."
Oriandra: "Cainar, bring Miriya here, please."
Cainar: "If you insist. I'm not fully recovered yet, though, so this is probably my last spell for a while."
Oriandra: "Just do it. Our friend can return on—"
Cainar: "Oriandra!"
Oriandra: "K'Tora's mind trap … I set it off …."

When entering Oriandra's Mind Trap:

Oriandra: "Listen closely. I've maintained our link, but just barely."
Oriandra: "I used the link to anchor part of myself to you."
Oriandra: "When the mind trap sends my darker aspects against you … kill them."
Oriandra: "That will destroy the mind trap and set me free."
Oriandra: "Trust me, it's the only way."

When approaching Oriandra in Oriandra's Mind Trap:

Oriandra: "My mind! It's coming apart!"

After killing Oriandra's Anger:

Oriandra: "My darkest aspects! You need to destroy them!"

After killing Oriandra's Fear:

Oriandra: "Such anger … such hatred!"

After killing Oriandra's Rage:

Oriandra: "I'm free! Use Cainar's link and I'll see you in the waking world."

Once you have rescued her from the Mind Trap, you can speak with her.

"That was … totally exhausting! Thank you for trusting me and for helping me break K'Tora's mind traps. I couldn't have done it without you."
Is the threat from the mind traps over now?
"This particular danger has passed, but I will alert my colleagues in the Psijic Order to be on their guard. I suggest that you and these others remain vigilant as well.
In the meantime, take this as a token of my appreciation."

This will then complete the quest. Talking to her straight after the quest will result in her saying the following.

"Your help has been invaluable. I will never forget the service you have provided, both for these poor adventurers and for me."

A Pearl of Great Price[edit]

"You must be the adventurer that Valsirenn was going on about. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to our secret island.
Oh. I suppose you already talked to the Ritemaster, seeing as you're here in Ceporah Tower."

If you have already met her before:

"I knew it the moment we met back at the ruins. I sensed there was something special about you. The fact that Valsirenn hasn't stopped talking about you just confirms my original assessment. I'm glad I was able to help you escape that mind trap."

The rest of the dialogue is the same.

The Ritemaster sent me to get an amplification elixir for the ritual they're conducting.
"That strange pearl has certainly been reluctant to reveal its secrets. The Ritemaster hates it when an inanimate object refuses to cooperate.
Regarding the amplification elixir, I just cataloged it. It's a Sotha Sil creation, as you'd expect."
Sotha Sil's a member of the Psijic Order?
"Hmm? What? No, not in the traditional sense. He's not one of our monks, if that's what you're asking. More like an honorary member, I guess you'd say.
According to my records, the silver vial should be right over there."
I'll find it.
"As soon as the pearl arrived via Valsirenn's transference spell, the Ritemaster gathered the Conclave to prepare an augury ritual. He's been cycling sages through to keep them fresh while slowly increasing the intensity of the ritual."
So why aren't you helping with the ritual?
"I'm the Ritemaster's acolyte. I have other duties to perform. Besides, such a complex ritual requires the power of the Conclave of the Eleven Forces. I'm not that strong yet.
Under the Ritemaster's tutelage, I expect to attain that rank. One day."
How did an imperial end up in the Psijic Order?
"Despite opinions to the contrary, being an Altmer isn't a prerequisite for membership in the Psijic Order. The Ritemaster noticed my potential and invited me to join.
I had a year to consider the offer, but I made my decision immediately."

If the player is an Altmer, the dialogue for this question will be slightly different:

How did a non-High Elf end up in the Psijic Order?
"Why does every High Elf think they're superior to the rest of us? Being an Altmer isn't a prerequisite for joining the Psijic Order. The Ritemaster saw my potential and honored me with an invitation.
I'm proud of what I've accomplished here."
I'm not sure I understand where we are. How did the Psijics hide Artaeum?
"I'm not allowed to reveal where you are or how our magic works, other than to tell you that you have arrived upon the fabled island of the Psijic Order, Artaeum.
While we're not currently part of Nirn's reality, we still keep track of events there."
How do you manage to keep track of events on Nirn from wherever this is?
"I could say we have our ways and leave it at that, but you deserve a better explanation.
The Ritemaster sends Psijics back to the world to perform tasks and gather information. Plus, we have powerful scrying magic that reveals all sorts of details."
I better find that elixir the Ritemaster requested.
"I was examining the vial of amplification elixir myself just a short time ago. It should be right over there."

Once you have the elixir:

"Yes, that's the elixir. Now take it to the Ritemaster. There's no time to waste."

If you return to her after having talked to the Ritemaster, she cannot be talked to.

A Necessary Alliance[edit]

After Ritemaster lachesis' death, Oriandra will be determined to focus on what can be done.

"Grief does us no good unless we use it to focus our commitment. We need to rally our forces. It's time to turn this Daedric tide before the waters of Oblivion overwhelm us.
Thankfully, Sotha Sil returned while you traveled the Dreaming Cave."
Did Sotha Sil have any news to share?
"Sotha Sil said he had information meant only for Ritemaster lachesis's ears. He asked me to send the Ritemaster to see him when he returned from traveling the Dreaming Cave."
Someone needs to tell Sotha Sil that the Ritemaster is dead.
"We also need to convince Sotha Sil to share the news he brought with us. But without the Ritemaster, he may decide to simply depart. Like all the members of the Dark Elf Tribunal, he can be very enigmatic.
Maybe you should talk to him."
I'll speak to Sotha Sil.

When you enter Valsirenn's Study, you'll witness a short exchange between Valsirenn and Oriandra:

Oriandra: "Valsirenn, stop! You're going to kill him!"
Valsirenn: "Arrgh! Fine! Let our friend finish the interrogation."

You can then speak to Oriandra:

"You got here just in time. I've never seen Valsirenn with such … murder in her eyes."

After hearing Leythen's proposal, Oriandra will have some concerns:

"As a member of the Psijic Order, I've counseled with Daedra in the past. But to trust one enough to form an alliance is almost unheard of!
I'll leave it to Valsirenn and the rest of the Conclave to determine the wisdom of such a risky course."

After The Summerset Main Quest[edit]

"I never knew how many curiosities Sotha Sil had hidden away in his study.
It'll take some time to sort through it all, but it's well worth the effort. These devices could be very useful to the Psijic Order's current research."
What are you doing?
"I'm sorting through the many wonders that Sotha Sil saw fit to leave behind.
Silly as it may sound, this study has been left alone for hundreds of years. Out of Respect for Sotha Sil's privacy, of course."
And Sotha Sil is fine with you being in here?
"Of course! I made sure to ask before he left. Though his reply wasn't so much a yes as a lecture on the importance of curiosity and the need to challenge regulation with innovation.
But that seemed to give me permission, far as I could tell."
Fair enough. What are you up to now?
"Mostly, I'm just trying to help Valsirenn. As long as she's the Ritemaster, that's where my allegiance lies.
She's better at the job than she thinks, even if she considers it a temporary position."
"She made it known she wanted the Conclave to consider other candidates. We'll see where that goes.
In the meantime, I'll help her as I can. And I'll organize Sotha Sil's experiments. It calms me so."


  • In The Alinor Codex, Chapter 7, Celarus says he was looking for Oriandra to help him fight Q'fura the Pendulous, and has Razum-dar assist him instead. Her full name is mentioned as being Oriandra Attus, though is never referred to in-game as this, as (according to Ulliceta gra-Kogg) Psijics must leave their old lives behind when joining the order, including surnames.
  • During the alpha state of Summerset, Oriandra wore The Aurbic Eye head marking, which was later removed from her character by the time Update 18 was on the PTS.
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