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Persuade the villagers to give offerings to Zenithar.
Zone: Cyrodiil
Quest Giver: Prefect Antias
Location(s): Cropsford
Reward: Cropsford Reward Container
Cyrodiil Citrus
0000250250Alliance Points
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 4507
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Cropsford's shrine to Zenithar
Prefect Antias has asked me to collect offerings to Zenithar from several villagers around Cropsford.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Prefect Antias in Cropsford.
  2. Talk to Bosekus Sun-Belly, Lorene Menillet, Lulius Asellio, and Shagol gro-Gular.
    1. (If you lack the relevant skill) Collect corn for Lulius.
    2. (If you lack the relevant skill) Retrieve Bosekus's axe.
  3. Burn offerings at the Shrine to Zenithar.
  4. Return to Prefect Antias.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Prefect Antias has a job for you. She says that the village regularly makes offerings to Zenithar, but several people haven't been paying their dues. She gives you a list of four villagers, and asks you to convince them to give you their offerings.

Lorene Menillet[edit]

The closest villager is Lorene Menillet, who is leaning against Antias's house. Her reasons for not giving her offering to Zenithar are simple. She says that the villagers sacrifice so much to Zenithar, that it's a wonder there's any left for them. Regardless, she gives you her offering without putting up a fight.

Lulius Asellio[edit]

Southeast from Lorene, in a field, is Lulius Asellio, who is too focused on his corn to make an offering. You can either gather four ears of corn from his fields or persuade him to give you what he has. If you persuade him to give you an offering, you won't have to do any work. Otherwise, you'll have to harvest corn. Collecting the corn is a simple enough affair; the tallest corn stalks can be harvested. Do so four times, and return to Lulius, who bundles up the offering for you.

Shagol gro-Gular[edit]

Southwest of Lulius's corn field lies Shagol gro-Gular, who is spying on Glurala gra-Ulat. He gives you his offering without arguing.

Bosekus Sun-Belly[edit]

West-northwest of Shagol, Bosekus Sun-Belly toils outside his house. He doesn't care for Zenithar, but will give you an offering if you do him a favor. Alternatively, you can intimidate him into giving up an offering. If you lack the skill to intimidate him, you will have to bow to his request. He lent his favorite axe to Shagol, who says he left it somewhere in the woods. Shagol won't go out looking for the axe, and Bosekus doesn't want to retrieve it, because if he does, Shagol would "win". The axe is below Cropsford's Alliance Safe House, due east of Bosekus. Once you have it, return it to its rightful owner.

Once you have all four offerings, take them to the villages shrine of Zenithar, northeast of the Prefect's house. Burn the offerings in the shrine, and return to Antias for your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Offerings to Zenithar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The villagers yet to give offerings are Lorene Menillet, Lulius Asellio, Bosekus Sun-Belly, and Shagol gro-Gular. I should speak with them.
Objective: Collect Offerings: 0/4
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Lorene Menillet
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Lulius Asellio
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Shagol gro-Gular
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Bosekus Sun-Belly
Now that I've collected the offerings, I should bring them to Zenithar's shrine in the village.
Objective: Take Offerings to Shrine
☑Finishes quest I should return to Prefect Antias and let her know I've gathered the offerings and brought them to the shrine.
Objective: Talk to Prefect Antias