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Book Information
Note to Neri
ID 7301
Collection Archipelago Books and Almanacs
Needed for The Sea Runs Restless
Found in the following locations:
Note to Neri
by Morigg
A letter to one of the Dreadsail Seawitches


You seem preoccupied, but conserve some energy for your actual duties.

Minahel wants those fools Ellorien and Laniwys locked up until we figure out exactly what they did.They're in the old druid rooms where we usually lock up drunk and disorderly sailors until they sober up. Do a pass now and again. Make sure they haven't killed each other before the sea witches can do it. They need to stay alive and in reasonable health for now.

Minahel keeps going on about needing to keep them alive to revert whatever it is they triggered. One moment she's raging about them being idiots, the next she suddenly turns thoughtful. My soul to the sea, I found myself attracted to her right then and there! Usually, she scares the salt from my skin. What idiot finds an ancient relic in a place where druids performed their disgusting rituals and thinks it would be a good idea to try to use it?

By the way, should I be jealous of your new toy?