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Home Settlement Sarandel's Carnival
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Noryon is an Altmer storyteller in need of tales to tell found at Sarandel's Carnival. He asks you to get a book of Bosmer myths and legends from the Mages Guild in Elden Root.

Unique Dialogue[edit]

The Red Pact
  • "And now, I'd like to present the secret history of the Red Pact."
  • "Every Wood Elf knows of the Green Pact made with Y'ffre. None may harm the forest, or use its bounty for personal gain. Only meat may be consumed to survive."
  • "But few Wood Elves know of the deal struck before … some say with Molag Bal himself!"
  • "Indeed, the Red Pact forbade the consumption of meat. It mandated the trees be cut down for homes, and fruit and vegetables alone sustain the Wood Elf people."
  • "Shocking, I know! But Molag Bal wished to keep the Wood Elves weak and sickly, by making them eat the very forest around them."
  • "Such is what the God of Schemes planned … a slow death brought to the heart of Y'ffre's power."
  • "But the God of the Forest was no fool. Approaching the dwindling, sickly Wood Elves and noting their grass-stained teeth, Y'ffre offered them a deal."
  • "They would make a new deal, a fresh Green Pact, and the forest itself would always defend them."
  • "And so the Wood Elves accepted Y'ffre's offer. The Meat Mandate defied Molag Bal's Red Pact, as did the bone and leather used to build their homes."
  • "Molag Bal's rage was great. He would repay the breaking of the Red Pact with the devouring of Gil-Var-Delle …."
  • "But that is a tale for another time. Thank you!"
Devouring of Gil-Var-Delle
  • "Everyone knows the tale of Gil-Var-Delle, how Molag Bal devoured an entire Wood Elf city."
  • "But few know it was the Silvenar who kept the God of Schemes from eating all of the Valenwood!"
  • "For the Silvenar knew Molag Bal had a single weakness … the thrum of a perfectly tuned lute."
  • "So he called upon the greatest lute-player in the Valenwood to send the Daedric Prince back to Coldharbour."
  • "And so Emerald Spinner Agon strode into the ruins of Gil-Var-Delle, ivory lute slung across his shoulders like a Nord's greatsword."
  • "As the first strum rolled through the blasted town, the God of Schemes stayed his wire-wrapped fist from impaling its last dozen inhabitants."
  • "The second strum drew the Father of Vampires from the ravaged town. He loomed over Agon with rapt attention."
  • "But the final strum drew forth a single tear from the Lord of Brutality's eye. 'Today you share the one beauty I cannot destroy,' he whispered."
  • "We'll never know Agon's response, for the Daedric Prince's tear fell upon him and dissolved him in an instant. Only after Molag Bal's departure could the Silvenar gather his remains."
  • "Emerald Spinner Agon and his ivory lute were buried beneath the first graht-oak planted by the great King Eplear, founder of the Camoran throne …."
  • "But that is a tale for another time. Thank you!"
King Eplear
  • "I'm certain everyone here knows of the great Eplear. First king of the Valenwood, founder of the Camoran dynasty … this tale is familiar to us all."
  • "Yet the tale of King Eplear's ascension is rarely told. His life began as a simple ox-herd on the plains of Valen. You heard me, the plains! For back then, Tamriel was an endless sea of grass."
  • "One day young Eplear encountered a merchant and her mother. Enchanted with the merchant's beauty, he asked how he might pursue her heart."
  • "'When trees choke the Valen plains and the forest crowns you king … only then shall you hold my daughter's hand in marriage!' grumbled the merchant's mother."
  • "Eplear thought a moment, nodded, and shook the mother's hand. Then he purchased every acorn in the merchant's possession."
  • "Eplear the ox-herd traveled across the Valen plains. Where his oxen stopped to feed, he planted acorns in upturned soil. Everywhere he went, he planted."
  • "Graht-oaks soon sprouted from the Valen plains. He collected their acorns, traveled, and planted once more. Soon the Valen plains became the Valenwood."
  • "The spriggans thought Eplear a powerful wizard. Where he traveled, the graht-oaks grew. They sought him out, and humbled themselves before him."
  • "'O great Eplear,' they cried, 'how can we thank one who has given us so much?' Eplear thought but a moment. 'With a crown,' he said."
  • "And so King Eplear won the hand of the merchant Camoran. The affection of the spriggans would one day form the basis of the Green Pact …."
  • "But that is a tale for another time. Thank you!"

Related Quests[edit]


  • The lore presented in these stories should probably not be taken at face value. During the Carnival Conundrum quest, the person who provides you with the book containing them does so almost in jest, admitting that it is fanciful fiction with no bearing in actual history. After the quest is completed, various Bosmer NPCs may comment "I can't believe the storyteller at Sarandel's Carnival could get Bosmer history so wrong."

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