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Location Saltbreeze Cave
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Norasea is a Bosmer vampire found inside Saltbreeze Cave. She's inside the Sapiarchs Lab, and cannot be reached until Murder In Lillandril has progressed.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you approach Norasea for the first time, she'll plea:

Norasea: "Who's there? Please, don't hurt me! I mean you no harm."

Speak to her.

"Emile? Is that you? Where is Haladan? Is he all right?"
My name is <Player Name>. I'm afraid Haladan is dead and Emile was arrested for his murder.
"Auri-El forgive me.
Please, listen carefully. Emile did not murder Haladan. I swear it. The two of them only sought to help me. I suffered from a mysterious affliction. Haladan and Emile infected me with vampirism to halt the disease's progress."
Vampirism? Did you kill Haladan?
"Gods, no!
I came here with my companion, Gerwerdel. By the time we arrived, her illness was terminal. Emile tried to administer the cure to her too, but she broke free and attacked Haladan. There was so much shouting—I thought maybe they escaped."
If your companion murdered Haladan, why is Emile taking the blame?
"Stone abominations, vampiric alchemy …. If the Sapiarchs found out that Haladan had a hand in this tragedy they would strike his name from the histories. Emile would never let that happen.
Read Haladan's notes. You'll see the truth of it."
So Emile would sacrifice himself to protect Haladan's memory?
"Absolutely. Haladan and Emile loved each other deeply. It was obvious from the moment I arrived. Emile would never let something he did jeopardize Haladan's reputation. Were their roles reversed, Haladan would do the same thing. Guaranteed."
Is Haladan's reputation really that important?
"I don't think you understand the Sapiarchs. It wouldn't be a simple matter of not praying over Haladan's grave. They would expunge his memory entirely. Every discovery he made, every scholarly paper, everything! It would be like he never existed."
Would telling the truth put you at risk?
"Undoubtedly. The Sapiarchs would probably dispatch a few vampire hunters to find me. But don't worry about that. I'll find a way to take care of myself."
Tell me about this affliction they were treating.
"They called it Ostraekeratic Fever—a rare virus that hardens the skin like stone and oyster shell. And as if that weren't bad enough, it also drives you insane.
Gerwerdel had already succumbed to the madness when she attacked Haladan."
How did both you and Gerwerdel contract it?
"We were part of a merchant fleet that got blown off course. Wound up beached on an island full of Sload mischief. Something in the air there … or perhaps the water? All of us were infected. So far as I know, I'm the only one that survived."
Why would Haladan risk all this?
"Truthfully? Because he was the kindest, most generous Mer I've ever known. We were childhood friends, you see. When I wrote to him about my condition he didn't even hesitate. He just bid me come to Lillandril. No questions asked."
Has becoming a vampire cured you?
"I believe so. The fog is gone—the flop sweats and sleepless nights with dreams of blood and stone. But the cost was high. Too high. Poor Haladan.
And now, there's the hunger."
The hunger?
"Yes. I can feel it creeping up the back of my throat—that thirst. It was just a tickle at first. Now? Who knows how far it will go.
Emile brewed this form of the virus alchemically. Maybe this will pass and I won't need to feed at all. I can hope."
Do you plan on drinking innocent people's blood?
"Never! Enough people have suffered on my account. Anyway, how would I find them? The shale-skin disease claimed my sight before Emile had a chance to administer the treatment.
I will find a way to survive without harming others. You have my word."
How do you plan on getting out of here if you can't see?
"My new condition does have a few benefits. My senses are keener now than they've ever been. I can hear the flutter of a moth's wings, and smell lichens in the next room. It's enough. It will have to be enough."

Speaking to Norasea before reading the journals and notes:

"Poor Emile. He must have lied about murdering Haladan to protect us. The Sapiarchs would come after me if they knew I existed, and Haladan's reputation would be destroyed.
Please, take Haladan's notes to the Sapiarchs. You must prove Emile innocent!"

Once you've read Haladan's material she'll shout:

Norasea: "Hurry to Lillandril. Prove Emile's innocence. I'll find my way—somehow."

If you speak to her before leaving:

"Emile will try to talk you out of revealing Haladan's plan to the Sapiarchs. He knows it would tarnish Haladan's legacy, and I know he wants to protect me. Don't listen.
I can protect myself. Save Emile. That's what Haladan would want."