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Location Shattered Shoals
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Broadhead Marines, Aldmeri Dominion

Nistel is a Bosmer sailor under the command of Sergeant Firion. She served aboard the Little Alkosh before being shipwrecked on Khenarthi's Roost by a hurricane. She is first encountered during Cast Adrift and is found dead in Cat's Eye Quay during the quest The Tempest Unleashed.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Cast Adrift[edit]

Sergeant Firion sends you to find her, along with the rest of her squad. You find her injured.

"'I lost a lot of friends in that storm. Give me some good news.'"
Sergeant Firion sent me to find you.
"I saw her swept overboard in that damned storm. Held onto the rigging long as I could, but it tore the skin off my palms. If I can't hold a weapon, I'm useless to my squad.
Do you have any bandages? I lost my kit to the sea."

If you are carrying torchbug treacle:

This torchbug treacle might help.
"Glow juice? Used to think this stuff was only good for practical jokes on snowy days.
Once I can heft Spleen-shanker, I'll push through the beach and find Sergeant Firion. How about you?"

However, if you don't have any Torchbug Treacle with you, you can either offer to find her some or make her leave anyway.

There's no time. Sergeant Firion expects you immediately.
"I can manage. I wasn't holding the rope with my feet. What about you? What's your plan?"
I'll look for the rest of your squad.
Sergeant Firion said torchbug treacle might help. I'll look for some on the beach.

Ends conversation. After returning to her, she'll say, "Did you find any glow juice? I got some sand in my wounds. Don't ever do that, even by mistake." If you haven't found all the marines yet:

I told Sergeant Firion I'd find the rest of your squad.
"Hope they appreciate their good fortune when you find them. I can get inland, after I rest. Fight with purpose."

If she is the last one to be found:

I found everyone in your squad.
"You should let Lieutenant Gelin know. He spit in fate's eye when he pulled me from the water. Said he saw a cave nearby and was going to look for shelter."

If you talk with her again before leaving, she will tell you, "Not quite ready to push my luck again. One brush with death is enough for the day. I'll move on shortly."

Once you have investigated the cave, Nistel and rest of the squad will be waiting for you outside. If you talk with her, she will give a warning, "Lots of snakes out here. Watch your ankles."

However, when you inform them about Lieutenant Gelin's death, she will swear vengence, "Before the next sun sets, my blade will find a home in the heart of Lieutenant Gelin's killer. May the fates guide me to avenge him."

After you have spoken with Quartermaster Oblan, she and the rest of the squad will have caught up to you. If spoken to she will mention, "Spotted some Sea Elves watching the ship. They don't look friendly." If her injuries have been patched up, you can send her to patch the Prowler if requested.

You can find her later still working on the beach, "With a little luck, we'll have this cleared away before the tide comes in."

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

You find her dead body in Cat's Eye Quay, along with one of Ealcil's notes. (Alternatively, if you are yet to finish Cast Adrift, you'll find the body of a generic Broadhead Marine instead.)

<The marine Nistel is dead.>
<This Dominion marine is dead.>
<Examine the corpse.>
<The marine's body is covered in wounds—sword slashes, broken bones, and even a few fang marks.>
<Search the body.>
<Her weapons are broken. Heavy scoring mars her armor. One limp hand holds a bloody bandage. The other grips a bloodied piece of paper.>
<Take the paper.>

Later, Onglorn will comment on her death: "Don't mourn for Nistel. You made sure her sacrifice had meaning. Gods favor you, friend."