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Location Archon's Grove
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Werewolf

Niralin is an Altmer found in Archon's Grove. She has been captured and turned by werewolves, and begs you to kill her rather than face life as an outcast.

Related Quests[edit]


As you approach her, standing on a cliff with the view of Sunhold below, she'll call out:

Niralin : "Didn't you all hear me? I want to be left alone!"

If you speak to her, she'll stop her crying and speak with you, Niralin's dialogue differs if you are a werewolf. needs dialogue


"Wait. You're not one of the pack. Why, you're not even a werewolf.
You need to leave now. It's far too dangerous here. They've already killed Brengas, and … it's too late for me."
Your betrothed sent me to bring you back.
"Esterdel. I thought I heard him whimpering earlier.
I told you, it's already too late. I've been turned, and there's no place in Summerset society for a werewolf. I'm doomed to live out the rest of my cursed existence as an outcast."
So you're just giving up?
"What other choice do I have?
I was miserable with Esterdel, and I thought Brengas was my one chance to escape. To leave that life behind. He was going to protect me, and in the end … he couldn't even protect himself."
So you'll remain here.
"No. No, I can't live like this. Serving the very beasts who took everything away from me.
Just … end it. Please. I'd rather die than be miserable. You can take my signet ring. That will prove to Esterdel that you found my corpse."

At this point, you have three options; convince her to live her life amongst society, leave her be, or kill her:

[Persuade] You can hide your true nature and return to Shimmerene. Control is possible.
"Well … I have always been good at controlling myself. I had to be.
But still, where would I be going back to? Esterdel? A loveless marriage with a mer I hate? I don't know if I could stand that."
Take control of your fate. Live how you want.
"You know, you're right. Ever since I was turned I feel … stronger. Bolder.
I don't need to marry Esterdel if I don't want to. And I certainly don't have to live in the woods to make that choice! I'll end it … one way or another."
"Don't worry about me. The pack won't attack one of their own. I just don't want to rouse suspicion by being seen together. Best if I sneak out alone.
I'll meet you in Shimmerene."
No, I won't take your life. Give me the ring and we'll be done with this.
"Fine. Take it and go.
I … I don't know what to do now, but at least I'm free to make that choice. Perhaps I'll find something to truly care about. Even as a werewolf."
"Just leave before you end up getting yourself killed."
Very well. I'll kill you and bring your ring to Esterdel.
Niralin : "Thank you. Remember, this is my choice. And I choose to die."

If you convinced her to return to Shimmerene, after speaking to Esterdel, Niralin will appear and speak to him:

Niralin : "I've returned, Esterdel. And I've … reflected on my actions."
Esterdel : "I suppose nearly getting yourself killed will do that. I'm just glad you finally came to your senses."
Niralin : "Yes, of course. Dearest, tell me. Our wedding day … weren't we told the moons would be full?"
Esterdel : "Why, yes. A most auspicious sign, the priests told us."
Niralin : "Oh, yes. Most auspicious indeed. I very much look forward to it."

She'll then say to you:

"I'll trust you to keep my little secret. And who knows? Maybe we'll see each other again, somewhere deep within the woods."