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The origins of this terrifying mount are obscure, but some see the hand of Mehrunes Dagon in it.
Nightmare Senche
ON-icon-mount-Nightmare Senche.png
Nightmare Senche
Type Feline
Default Name Flame Leaper
Acquired From Preorder of the Summerset Chapter
Crown Crates/Unknown
Category Mounts (Felines)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectible

The Nightmare Senche Mount is a black, flaming Senche panther mount that came free with any preorder of the Summerset Chapter. It is similar in appearance to the Nightmare Courser. When it moves, it leaves behind flaming orange pawprints. Fire puffs out of its nostrils as it exhales. Its default name is "Flame Leaper".


Appearances: 1

  • Pre-order - May 21 2018 - May 21 2018 PC/Mac
  • Pre-order - May 21 2018 - June 5 2018 Xbox One/PlayStation 4