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New Life Charity Writs are special New Life Festival themed crafting writs that require players to create a simple type of furnishing.

Obtaining Writs[edit]

"A direct request for a dozen simple furnishings, from the Orsinium Home for Displaced Children. Once accepted, this contract cannot be traded or sold. Completing 12 New Life Charity Writs will award you the Crystalfrost Skin."

Every time a New Life Daily quest is completed, Breda will reward you with a New Life Gift Box which has a chance to contain a Charity Writ. Charity Writs can also be traded or moved between characters. Opting to use one of these writs gives you the opportunity to start the repeatable quest, A Charitable Contribution.


Unlike completing Master Writs, level 50 in crafting skill is not required to complete a Charity Writ. All the furnishing requested are relatively simple and cheap to make. Some furnishings can only be crafted if you have reached a certain level in the respective crafting skill line and unlocked certain passive skills. The maximum needed requirements to craft all possible items are:

  • Metalworking: 2 (Unlocked at Blacksmithing Level 5)
  • Tailoring: 4 (unlocked at Clothing Level 15)
  • Woodworking: 3 (Unlocked at Woodworking Level 10)

Blueprints, patterns and schematics for those furnishings can be bought for from Carpenters, Blacksmiths and Clothiers.

Possible Furnishings[edit]


Each writ will reward you with 1 Writ Voucher, making this an opportunity for players who cannot complete Master Writs to obtain Writ Vouchers. Completing 12 writs during the New Life Festival will unlock the Newly Charitable achievement, which will unlock the Crystalfrost Skin.

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