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Neria Lerano
Home City Balmora
Location Riverside Riding Company
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Neria Lerano

Neria Lerano is a Dunmer who can be found in at the Riverside Riding Company in Balmora. She is the daughter of Gilan Lerano and the sister of Mils Lerano.

Related Quests[edit]


If spoken to prior to the quest, she will say,

"Hello! Here to stable a mount? If your guar is getting a little rough in the scales you've come to the right place. You'll find no better guar handlers than those in Balmora!"

During the quest:

"My, you look like a well-traveled individual! If you're looking to give your mount a well-designed rest, you've cone to the right place.
We know how to pamper a loyal guar in Balmora."
Actually, I wanted to speak to you about your father.
"My father? Oh no, has he taken a fall? Or did he ask you to do something for him? He's been declining of late, and I'm afraid he's not entirely in his right mind."
Your father is fine, but he and your brother had an argument.
"Oh, Mils. He was so young when Mother passed. I've tried to explain that Father had to work to keep a roof over our heads, but it's been difficult.
I raised Mils myself while Father was away, which was often. He's never forgiven Father for that."
Mils said your father worked with the Telvanni?
"Oh, yes. Father is well-regarded among the Telvanni masters, even though he's never aspired to be one himself.
Master Drenim trusts him implicitly, and if you know anything about the Telvanni, that's impressive in its own. They don't trust easily."
What type of work does your father do?
"I'm afraid I don't know. All he's been able to tell me is that part of his contract forbids him from disclosing any of the master's business, even to his own children.
Whatever he's doing, I'm certain it's important."
How do you feel about your father having to work so often?
"I wish he didn't have to worn so much. Master Drenim pays well, but sometimes, I worry he'll work Father to death. He's just so tired all the time.
Even when he finds time away, Mils refuses to see him, and I know that hurts him dearly."
Do you share your brother's feelings about your father's absence?
"I did for a bit after Mother died. I didn't understand why Father couldn't be with us until I grew up and learned how hard it is to keep a family housed and fed.
Now, I appreciate all Father's sacrifices for us. I just with Mils could see it."

Speaking with her after this conversation:

"Thank you for letting me know about the argument. I'll check up on Father later today, just to male sure he's all right."

After giving the memory stone back to her father and talking to Mils about visiting him:

"Back again? Father hasn't been am undue burden to you, I hope."
Your father needs to speak with you. Its about your mother.
"My mother? Father rarely mentions her. I can tell how painful it is for him to recall her, even after all these years. I was young when she passed, but my memories are pleasant
Did he say what this is about? What did He have you doing?"
I helped him recover memories from his younger days.
"How odd! Father always was dabbling in magic. Often, it seemed like he had time for little else, though I know he did it to take care of us.
Still, I'd better check up on him. I imagine Mils wants nothing to do with this? I'll ensure he joins us."
Thank you.

Speaking with her after this conversation:

"I'll head home as soon as I can get approval from the stablemaster. Thank you for everything you've done."

Arrival at Lerano's House:

Wuleen-Ze: "The master went upstairs to rest. He did not wish to be disturbed until you arrived."
Neria Lerano: "Let's go, Mils. He's still your father."
Mils Lerano: "He has an odd way of showing it. "
Neria Lerano: "Father? Mils has come to visit."
Neria Lerano: "Father? Father!"
Neria Lerano: "Oh, Father. I suppose you are with mother at last."
Mils Lerano: "Couldn't resist disappointing me one last time … Good riddance."

Speaking with her after finding Gilan dead:

"If only if come sooner …."
I'm sorry for your loss.
"Thank you. We all knew this was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier to near. My father was a good man, even if Mils never got to see it.
Why was he so obsessed with that stone? You said he stored his memories inside it?"
Yes, he wanted you to view his memories.
"I'm almost afraid to do so. What couldn't he just say to us all this time?
Still, these were his last wishes. Thank you for making that possible."

The ending conversation:

Mils Lerano: "What? A ghost?"
Gilan Lerano: "Neria. Mils. I so regret not being there as you grew up. What I could never tell you is why my life was not my own."
Neria Lerano: "Sssh, Mils. I think this is a memory."
Gilan Lerano: "Soon, I'll be able to share the truth with you. To share everything with you. Thanks to the efforts of this kind traveler, I have archived my memories on this stone."
Gilan Lerano: "I hope one day... You will find it in your hearts to forgive me. And find the father, and mother, you never had here. "
Gilan Lerano: "I love you. I have always loved you. You've both made me so proud."
Neria Lerano: "Father ..."
Mils Lerano: "Why? Why couldn't you juat fade away like you always do? Why couldn't you just let me forget you?"
Neria Lerano: "Because it's not just about him, Mils, or you. Its a out all of us. Our family, together at last."

After the quest is complete she'll say:

"It must have been so hard on Father. To have to leave us so often. To keep silent while we grew cold and distant even when he was here …
It might seem odd, but I feel hopeful. Father and mother are finally with us. Their memories will live on."
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