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Location Toothmaul Gully
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 34,501
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance

Nelanya is a High Elf member of the Veiled Heritance attempting to create an alliance with the tribe of goblins in Toothmaul Gully.

If she survives the events of the quest, she can later be found in the Salted Wings Tavern in Vulkhel Guard, having changed her appearance in the pursuit of a fresh start.

Related Quests[edit]


The Toothmaul Ploy[edit]

When you enter Toothmaul Gully, you will find Nelanya holding a blade to Pirondil:

Pirondil: "Easy, just put the sword down."
Nelanya: "Quiet! How many more of you are there?"'
Pirondil: "You're Veiled Heritance, aren't you? I should ask you the same thing."

As you approach she will get startled and run away:

Nelanya: "Damn! Discovered!"

Later on after some negotiations with the goblin tribe's chief, you will be given the key to Nelanya's quarters. When you enter, she will be waiting for you.

Nelanya: "Wait! I don't wish to fight. Let us talk."

When you talk to her, you will be given the choice to kill her immediately or to hear her out, before ultimately deciding.

"Hear me out. I've no wish to battle you today."
You must be Nelanya. Is this some kind of trick?
"No, no tricks. You've clearly been able to sneak by or butcher every Goblin between the entrance and this room, so I don't fancy my chances in a straight-up fight.
I'd rather talk this out. That is, if you can restrain yourself."
I'll hear you out.
"Courteous of you. My terms are simple.
In exchange for my life, I shall quit this cave and leave the Goblins to whatever fate you and your Dominion compatriot deem proper. You're even welcome to whatever spoils you find."
Why were you deceiving these Goblins?
"They were willing and able dupes. From the perspective of many in the Veiled Heritance, we're already losing. It was easy to agitate the Goblins against their former masters. We are willing to use whatever tools necessary to even the field."
And you think you should be spared despite this?
"What's the use in dying for this? I don't fancy my chances against you, and the Toothmaul aren't as useful as I expected them to be. No sense continuing the charade."
Get out and don't come back. <Spare her.>

Conversation ends and Nelanya leaves the cave.

No deal. It's too risky to leave you alive. <Kill her.>
"Wait, I–"

If she was spared she will say:

Nelanya: "Don't worry. You won't see me again if I can help it."

If you decide to kill her, she will instead become hostile.

Vulkhel Guard[edit]

Nelanya's new look

If Nelanya survived the events in Toothmaul Gulley, she will say:

"Funny seeing you here."
Nelanya? What are you doing in Vulkhel Guard?
"Leaving. My superiors were none too happy for me with the whole Toothmaul business. You were good enough to spare me. I'm waiting for a ship to come into harbor so I can leave Auridon for good."
Starting over?
"After a fashion. I appreciate you giving me the chance. It's fairly obvious that my loyalties were in the wrong place. I'm not sure where I belong anymore, but isn't here."