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Pack Merchant
Home City Orsinium
Store Fighters Guild and Bank
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Pack Merchant

Naarendras is a Bosmer pack merchant who can be found at the Fighters Guild and Bank in Orsinium.

When spoken to she'll say one of the following:

"Need a new pack? Of course you do! Step right up and let me show you what I've got."
"Genuine boar-leather bags here, all the way from Valenwood! You can't beat Wood Elf craftsmanship. Have a look!"
"I expected Orcs to smell bad, but they're really not much worse than the hunters back home."
"I never expected the Orcs to build something as grand as Orsinium. But all these stone walls are kind of oppressive, don't you think?"